NFL Division Recap

Who Dat? NFL Divisional Round Recap, Jan. 18

WHO DAT?? I said, “WHO DAT.” I’ll tell you one thing, it isn’t the New Orleans Saints playing in the NFC Championship game. Did you really think that you could come at Tom Brady three times in one season and take him down in all three? WHO DAT DID but WHO DAT was so very wrong. 

Ok Bucs rant over, what a weekend it was. Saturday was a boring day of football while Sunday took nearly three years off my life. Whoever bet that Chad Henne would take down the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Round is a rich dude on this Monday morning. The Bucs are headed to their first NFC Championship game since my ass was still being wiped by my mom, Josh Allen ruined the lives of thousands of folding chairs, and Aaron Rodgers proved yet again that he can dominate the best of them in the cold weather. 

All in all, there aren’t many days where you can ask for it to be better than the Sunday slate. Patrick Mahomes went out with a concussion (prayers to the King) and the Browns really almost took down the Chiefs in what would have been the most surprising moment of 2021 since the Browns beat the Steelers in the first place. 

Drew Brees legitimately ended his NFL career with back-to-back interceptions on pursuing drives that handed the Bucs the win. Disclaimer: Tex is a Bucs fan who found himself watching the game with a Saints fan in a chain restaurant owned by none other than Drew Brees. Long story short, I took their voodoo bullshit to them and turned it upside down on their asses. WHO DAT. 

By the way, what’s the point of there being a poop game by Lamar Jackson if he uses it at the wrong time. Lamar ran into the locker room and everything on Saturday night, and I definitely thought he was going to come out with a new pair of pearly whites to ball out in but it never happened. To make matters worse, Trace McSorley wasn’t even available which made that game a true crapper. 

In the trend, we told you that home teams are dominant in the divisional round and that trend turned out to be true yet again with the home teams going 3-1 this weekend. Hopefully you read that and won yourself some money to blow on a couple of bad NCAA basketball games this week until we can get football back this Sunday. 

The Bucs bettors were the real big winners this weekend. The Bucs were road dogs and the moneyline was set at +150. 66 percent of the public leaned on that and the Tampa moneyline got 74 percent of the handle. In other words, the Bay of Tampa is eating well this fine Monday evening. 

The public must definitely read Sports Gambling Guides because the Packers were getting all the juice with the public leaning 83 percent of their wagers on the Packers to cover against the banged up Rams. It turned out that Aaron Donald is actually Superman and he wasn’t about to play through that injury for every snap.

If there were any unhappy fans, they were probably Ravens bettors. While the Bills still took home most of the pot and the public liked Buffalo, 49 percent of bettors placed money on the Ravens to cover. They didn’t trust Josh Allen and that is just foolish. The under was the go-to bet in that game with the score coming in 29 points short of that. 

One Weekend Trend

We typically save the Trend for Thursday but here was a quick nugget from this weekend. The under was a massive success, going 3-1 with a couple of games not even coming close to hitting. The Bucs and Saints were a field goal away from at least pushing the total at 53, but the Ravens and Bills didn’t even sniff that number, something we thought was a possibility with the weather. The Chiefs and Browns didn’t move the ball as well as we thought they may have and with Chad Henne playing, it was definitely not going to hit. The only game that hit the OVER was the Green Bay game where Aaron Rodgers proved yet again that he is dominant in Lambeau during the playoffs. 

Big Losers

These always hurt to report, but they are necessary. According to Ben Fawkes, Bet MGM had two different bets placed for 250K that were placed on the Saints (-3 ) and a parlay for the Bills (-2) and the Saints (-3) to not cover. Honestly, pretty hilarious that they didn’t believe in the almighty Brady and are paying for it now.  

Looking ahead we are going to have some juicy nuggets for you on Thursday that you won’t want to miss.

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