NBA All Star Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks
Giannis Antetokounmpo | Milwaukee Bucks

Weekend Bets: The NBA All-Drama Game, Mar. 6

A bunch of dramatic primadonnas with millions of Instagram followers and horrible attitudes will all be in the same room on Sunday night. The Bachelor is Monday not Sunday, fellas. I am talking about the NBA All-Star game. It is going to be a shit show like it is every single year, and to make matters even more entertaining, half the players selected to this game think it’s a horrible idea to even have it. Of course, we will be betting on it. 

Let’s start with the overall winner in this one. You have Team Lebron vs Team Durant. KD immediately picked Kyrie as his first overall pick which is interesting because Kyrie said some stuff about KD this offseason that threw some shade at Lebron and it feels like this trio is becoming some kind of Mean Girls lunchroom scene. On one hand, it feels like Lebron will do everything in his power to win this game because he wants to flex on his old teammate. On the other hand, it’s an All-Star game so he may not care all that much. 

Here is how I am looking at it. Lebron has a team that has bigger names on it but it is also a team full of dudes who are ball-handlers. KD on the other hand has a team full of dudes who are athletic, can score, and can pass. It seems to be working well enough for him in Brooklyn this year doing that. Not to mention, out of all the guys who are playing in their first All-Star game, KD has 75 percent of them. If anyone is hungry to play well in the All-Star game, it’s the virgin. I like Team Durant in this one. 

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In the Dunk Contest, there are three pretty young dudes going at it. You’ve got Anfernee Simons, Obi Toppin, and Cassius Stanley. I was hoping to see Zach Lavine back but whatever. I’ll make this one easy for you, I’m picking Stanley. This dude was a five-star recruit who grew up in the era of the Overtime Instagram account. I imagine he has been practicing some bonker, TikTok ass dunks since he was 15. Rumor has it, he broke Zion Williamson’s vertical jump and got up 44 inches at the combine. This dude is a freak and I have to believe he is about to put on a show. Obi Toppin is the betting favorite with Stanley sitting second. 

All this being said, I am really amped to watch like 10 minutes of the festivities, be reminded why I never watch this, and throw The Office on. 

Let’s talk about some college hoops. The Baylor Bears picked up a huge win against Oklahoma State on Thursday night but maybe the biggest thing to come out of that game was Cade Cunningham injuring himself. He has been one of the top college basketball players in the nation this past season and he is the reason OSU has won most of their games. If he can’t go with an ankle sprain that happened 48 hours ago, I love West Virginia -7. 

Florida State has been one of the hottest teams in the ACC this season and they are capping off their regular season against a beat-up Notre Dame team that has lost four straight games. It seems like the Irish can probably stick with FSU in the first half, but their depth just isn’t good enough to hold out for two halves against an FSU squad that has a serious shot at playing in the Final Four. Favored by 6.5, I like the Seminoles in this spot. 

The Degenerate Bet: 

I am making this a new part of the weekend best bets. If you choose to ride with me here, god bless. If you choose to fade, you probably have brain cells. I am going with a Spring Training bet in this one because why the fuck not. We have the Tigers playing the Orioles tomorrow and Michael Fulmer, one of the game’s best, should be on the mound for at least two to three innings. Typically when an ace is pitching, regular offense starters are in it too. This is Spring Training so I have nothing else to back this up with but I am riding with the Tigers at +110 on the ML. 

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