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Out side the stadium of Super Bowl LV at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida January 21, 2021

Weekend Best Bets: Super Bowl Sunday Props, Feb 6

The holiday weekend is here. We may not be getting Monday off and it won’t be anymore acceptable that you’re hungover or still slightly drunk when you roll into the office two hours late, but Super Bowl Sunday happens just one time a year and if you don’t go all out, you’ve done it wrong. 

This game is going to be a classic and it’s going to be close. You’re not going to find a straight spread bet or a prediction on the total in this article, that’s boring. This is the one game of the year that has literally hundreds of prop bets for you to choose from and we aren’t going to waste space on the internet by telling you that the Bucs are going to pull an upset and you should put your mortgage money on the moneyline. 

Instead, we are going to break down some of the best prop bets that you can go after. You can literally bet on anything when this game happens, from the first touchdown scorer’s number to the first commercial that will be played, to the color of Bruce Arians paint chips he’ll be chowing down on the whole game. Sports Gambling Guides is giving you this weekend’s best Super Bowl prop bets. 

Oh, Say Can You See: National Anthem UNDER 1:57 (-130) 

It is shocking that this is still a prop that exists on the board but it is ours for the taking. The Anthem UNDER 1:57 should be a prop lock considering the National Anthem has gone under 2 minutes in the last three performances at the Super Bowl. 16 of the last 23 have gone under 2 minutes. There is no better way than starting off the night with money in your picket before the balls even are kicked off. Consider this free cash and lock it in. 

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Can’t get over the ex: Number of times the Patriots are mentioned OVER 2 (-220)

This seems like another absolute lock. If we are going to act like the CBS broadcast isn’t going to show AT LEAST 2 Patriots flashbacks, we are absolutely insane. I thought this number was going to be up towards 5 if anything. Bill Belichick’s name alone will probably be mentioned five times. The biggest storyline in a Tom Brady Super bowl IS Tom Brady and his past plays a large role in that as well. Expect the Patriots to be spoken about quite a bit and cash this. 

The Bucs love the Pressure: SACK before Touchdown (+110) 

I really like that value in this bet and this is also me banking on the Chiefs getting the ball first. Tampa Bay sacked Aaron Rodgers five times two weeks ago and they will be putting pressure on Mahomes all night long. KC is going to be without Mitchell Schwartz and Eric Fischer, which is massive. If the Bucs want to capitalize on this, they should send plenty of blitzes on the first drive while KC is still getting used to the lack of their anchor, Fischer. Plus money is good value. 

Drink it Up: Purple Gatorade Bath (+800) 

Yeah, I know. Purple is the most disgusting Gatorade couple, there is absolutely no denying that. But hear me out. The Bucs have paid a ton of honor to their past this year, specifically going back to their old uniforms, the ones worn in the season that they won the Super Bowl in. When the Bucs won the Super Bowl back in 2003, the color of the Gatorade bath was Purple. It is currently the highest odds on the board at +800. If you have an extra $10 lying around and think you could turn it into $80, this seems like a fun one to go with. 

The Refs Love Him: KC Called for Roughing the Passer on a TB 3rd Down (+550)

I won’t even go into a ton of explanation on this one, but the refs mostly love Tom Brady and he gets calls. The Bucs have shown a commitment to throwing it deep on third down meaning the blitzes will be coming. I love these odds for this bet. 

The Trifecta: Brady OVER 325 yards, Gronk Anytime TD, Brady MVP (+500) 

Yeah, there is a lot going on here but if this thing hits you’re going to be looking like Adam Sandler in uncut gems. Here’s the thing, Brady threw for 345 yards the last time these two teams played in November. Rob Gronkowski is a redzone monster and in the Super Bowls he has played in, he has reeled in three touchdown passes. On top of that, if Brady throws for 325 yards, he is a lock for MVP if the Bucs win. I love this bet. 

The Longest Yard: Mahomes or Brady to throw a TD with UNDER 59 seconds to take the lead (+2200) 

BOOK IT. Tom Brady has won six Super Bowl rings and he has led a game-winning drive in each and every one of those wins. Brady doesn’t blow out opponents in Super Bowls they are all close games. It may be Mahomes, it may be Brady, but this game is going to be incredibly close and I love the odds on this one. For +2200 odds, you are betting that the ending of this game is going to be absolutely bonkers. It doesn’t get any better than that and it’s the best longshot on the board.

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