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Kyle Barrette

We start the week off on the hardwood and head to Memphis. It’s game two between the Warriors and the Grizzlies. Memphis controlled their own destiny by being down one point with the ball in their hands with four seconds left and their best player getting the final shot. After the nail biter that was game one, is there anything left on the table for game two? Let’s break these two sides down and see who comes out as the winner. 

The Grizzlies dominated this game for the most part. To look at the positives of this loss, Brandon Clarke is playing out of his mind. The guy was everywhere doing everything. The Grizzlies showed they could hang with the Warriors. The problem is that the Warriors are a more veteran group than the Grizzlies. What I mean by that is that there is a reason Memphis was the best ATS team in all of basketball this season; they just keep coming. What did the warriors do? They kept playing their game. Both of these teams will never quit. Unless one team just has a terrible shooting night, we are locked in for a series that might come down to the final possession each game.

This is why I would be extremely confident if I was a Warriors fan. By their standards, this team did not play well. Curry and Klay were a combined 8-22 from three, and you know you are not going to get a worse shooting night than that. Next, you have to feel like you took Memphis’s best shot and you were still able to beat them on the road without your top defender in the second half. The deck could be stacked against Memphis here, but now this team knows what level they are on and can adjust for game two. It might be close to a must-win for the Grizzlies because Oracle is not the place you want to be down 0-2 in the playoffs.

Warriors vs Grizzlies Pick: Warriors ML
To me, this is like big brother versus little brother. These two teams are a lot alike. The Warriors’ defense and shooting were not up to par, and they expect that to be corrected here. Memphis threw their best shot and didn’t have to deal with Green down the stretch, so take the Warriors ML.

Same Game Parlay:
Warriors ML, Jaren Jackson Jr. First Basket, Curry to score 30+ pts and Draymond Green to record 8+ rebounds.

SGP Odds +4233

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