Hirokazu Sawamura,Curtis Terry
Boston Red Sox pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura, left, looks to throw home after fielding the ball in the eighth inning as Minnesota Twins' Curtis Terry heads home during a spring training baseball game at Hammond Stadium, Sunday, March 27, 2022, in Fort Myers, Fla. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


Kyle Barrette

I swear it’s one of the first things that they teach you in baseball– how to run the bases. We lost last night’s game on a base running error. It was a fairly clear line drive, and the runner at second froze and began to run back to second base, only to discover that the ball had landed in left field. He was then thrown out at third, and the next batter up hit a double. The bases ended up getting loaded and everyone got stranded, and we only got two runs. Take the baserunning mistake out and he scores the third run easily from third on the next batter’s double. We were going somewhere that’s always a good time because we needed it after that bad beat last night. The first game of the season at Fenway Park. What could possibly go wrong between these two teams with a lot of offense and short porches galore?

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The verdict is still out on the Twins. Everyone was surprised at how bad they were last season, and now with the addition of Correa, people expected everything to just kind of fall back into line and the Twins would be good again. While the season is still young, that hasn’t quite happened yet. In the Twins’ defense, their schedule hasn’t been the easiest, but that’s not really an excuse. If you want to be one of the best teams, you have to beat other good teams. There is a belief that the bats of this team will be OK; it’s the pitching that should have you worried. Joe Ryan gets the start for the Twins today at Fenway, and he’s coming to face a Red Sox team that might have found their swing in Detroit, scoring 14 runs over the final two games of that series. Ryan has not made many starts. He got a handful at the end of last season, and overall the Twins were 2-3 in his starts. He has an issue giving up the long ball, which could come back to haunt him in a park like Fenway against a team like the Red Sox. In four out of Ryan’s six career starts, he has allowed a homerun.
The Red Sox were able to leave Detroit on a high note. After a tough opening series with the Yankees, the Sox were able to pull back to .500 before coming home for opening day. The Sox got a handful of new arms over the winter, and one of them is making his second start of the season in Pivetta. He was part of the tough series against the Yankees. He allowed four runs, two home runs, three walks, and struck out four. Personally, I think Pivetta ends up in the bullpen or traded by the end of the season, but for now he’s starting. Dating back to last season, teams were 4-11 in games he started. The runs come pretty heavy for him as well. In a fair number of his starts, he allowed three plus runs. This is likely due to his higher than average walk rate. Pivetta, like Ryan, struggles with the long ball, as evidenced by his first start, but it also goes back further, as he allowed 10 home runs in his last 14 starts last season.

Boston vs Minnesota Pick: Over 10 Runs
We are taking the over here. We have two guys that give up a fair number of walks, don’t get many strikeouts, and love to give up the long ball, and we have two stacked offenses in one of the best hitters’ parks in baseball on its opening day. 

Same Game Parlay:
Over 10 Runs, Boston ML, Devers to hit a HR, Pivetta Under 5.5 Strikeouts and Correa to record 2+ hits.

SGP Odds +4307

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