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Trend: Thursday Night NBA Slate – June 10

Hello degenerates and Happy Thursday. It’s a beautiful day to not do your work as your return to the office and instead, to just sit back and look up how you will gamble on basketball tonight. I have been all-in on the NBA playoffs so far and I am already feeling sadness as the season is coming to a close here very soon. 

The Thursday slate is a good one and there are two great matchups to bet on. The Nets and the Bucks are going head-to-head in Game 3 and the Clippers and Jazz will play in Game 2. Let’s take a look at the best trends in both of these games. 

Bucks vs Nets
This has been an absolute shit show so far for the Milwaukee Bucks who have been literally dominated in games one and two with James Harden hardly even seeing action before he was sidelined at the beginning of the first contest. Harden has already been ruled out for Game 3 which means that Kyrie and KD will once again shoulder the load. 

This brings me to my first trend and it’s how efficient Kevin Durant has been while shooting the basketball. It isn’t until the playoffs roll around each year that I remember how good KD really is on offense and how he is one of the most gifted scorers in the history of the NBA. In Game 2, he was 4-6 from three and 12-18 from the field for 32 points. In Game 1, he still managed 29 points on just 1-4 from three and 12-25 from the field. He is getting better as this series goes on and is still bringing down double-digit rebounds. I am ready to take any kind of KD points+rebounds+assists prop that is given to me. 

As for my favorite bet in this game, the Bucks are favored by 3.5 points because they are playing at home and the total has been set to 234. The Bucks dominated at home in the first series but they were also playing the Heat and I just don’t know how much I can trust them at this point. On the other hand, the Nets did manage to drop a game on the road in Boston. My inclination is to take Brooklyn with the points in this game because they have won by eight points and double digits through the first two games of this series. Milwaukee will probably shoot much better at home, but I still don’t trust them enough to lay the points with them.


Clippers vs Jazz
Utah started out very slow in the first game of the series and it was reminiscent of how they looked against Memphis in the opening round. They had more than a week of rest in-between series and had to rebound quickly in the second-half. The Jazz didn’t cover the 4.5 points in Game 1 and now Vegas has lowered their line to just 3 points in Game 2 with a total of 221. 

The total hit in game one and Vegas has adjusted the line in this game which I really appreciate. The OVER has hit in Utah’s last 5 of six and the Clippers have combined to score more than 221 in their last two of three. While the Clippers can go cold while shooting and the Jazz have an excellent defense, LA has been fantastic on the road in these playoffs and almost leaked a win out in Game 1. I am all in on taking the OVER in Game 2 with a favorable line and the anticipation that Utah will shoot much better than 40 percent. 

The prop that I’ll be looking for is Donovan Mitchell points. The prop in Game One was set at 29.5 and he went off for 45. Vegas is not going to go crazy and raise that number too much and Mitchell is bound to go off again as the Clippers don’t have much of an answer when it comes to guarding him. He is averaging 31.8 points per game so far this postseason and if the number comes in around 31, I will hammer the OVER and reap the benefits of how well he is shooting the ball. 

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