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Trend: Points in the NBA Playoffs, May 27

Sheeeesh the NBA Playoffs are back and they are so, so good. I’ve yet to watch a game where I have not been entertained. Maybe the only thing not so entertaining is watching Lebron complain after truly every single play that the call didn’t go his way. Honestly, if I’m an NBA ref, I am praying to every god in the universe that I am not assigned a Lakers game. 

Outside of that, you have to love that the Mavericks are up a commanding 2-0 on the Clippers, the Lakers and Suns look like a battle made for the century, and the Celtics are truly one of those teams that should’ve won a championship like five years ago and now seem to have a window that looks nearly closed. The drama is great, the basketball is great, and with fans in the stands, we can officially say that basketball is back. 

With that being said, I of course, have a couple of great trends to give you and tips on how you can become profitable over the next five months of the NBA postseason. Side note: I have already begun to get sad that the NBA is over as it has become quite the fix on a nightly-basis for a football-driven bet lover like myself.

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The first series we are going to look at is Milwaukee and Miami. The Bucks and Heat crashed the OVER on Tuesday night and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest. The Bucks were going to rebound after a sloppy offensive performance, the Heat’s defense stinks, and Giannis knows that they need the best version of him during this playoff run if they want to keep their head coach’s job and instill some confidence in some possible upcoming free agents. That means, expect some nasty performances from the Greek Freak. 

The Bucks are in Miami for the next two games so you can cash a couple of these bets and I am leaning OVER on them. Milwaukee was 19-17 on the road and Miami was 20-16 at home when trying to hit the posted total. The Bucks had a strong surge at the end, hitting the OVER in 5 of their final 6 road games to end the season. On top of that, the game three total has been set at 226.5 and the Bucks have combined for more than that in their last 4 of 5. Even Miami, a team that doesn’t score as efficiently, has hit that number in the last 3 of 5. 

The other series that I want to examine is Portland and Denver. The Blazers came away with a massive game one win and the Nuggets answered in game two. It is clear that this is going to be a troubling series for Denver and not one that they were expecting. Again, the OVER is the hot commodity in this game. Denver has hit the posted total in 6 of their last 8 games and the Blazers have hit it in 4 of their last six. The next two games will be played in Oregon, and the Blazers are hitting that number in 6 of their last 8 when playing Denver at home. 

Honestly, these two teams just enjoy hitting the OVER when they take each other on. The OVER has hit in the first two games of the series and it hit by 6 points and 13 points, meaning they are outperforming Vegas by 9.5 points so far in this series. The game three total has already been set at 227.5 which is another number that I would easily be taking and you might read about just a little bit later. Oh, and by the way, playoff Dame is here which means everyone else is screwed. He put up 40 and 34 points in game one and actually has some sort of cast around him. 

Free Play: DEN/POR OVER 227.5
How shocking. Look at all the numbers I just listed above and the fact that these two teams have been blowing by that number in the last two series. The numbers only get better for the Blazers at home and Denver is going to need to score more to keep the gas on the Blazers. 

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