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Trend: Bucks/Hawks Game 5 Props

So um, this Bucks and Hawks series got fucking crazy. Trae Young was announced out right before Game 4 and the line moved from Bucks -6.5 to Bucks -9.5. Midway through the game, Giannis went down with what looked like a horrible knee injury but has been ruled as a non-structural knee injury. He is still day-to-day and there is a lot of uncertainty over what will happen with him as this series moves forward. 

Somehow, without Young, the Hawks still managed to route Milwaukee 110-88. I thankfully did not get my bet in on time because I was about to put the house, the wife, the boat, the kids, and the college fund on the Bucks. Instead, the Bucks shot under 40 percent from the field and just 20.5 percent from three. On the flip side, the Hawks basically couldn’t miss from the field, shooting over 50 percent and then over 34 from beyond three. 

So now we head into Game 5 and it is a little uneasy for bettors because we aren’t really sure if Trae or Giannis will play, we don’t know how the supporting casts will step up, and we don’t know how much Milwaukee home-court advantage will play into everything. So while I would love to go ahead and just bet a spread, a total, or moneyline, I will happily avoid all of that and go ahead and lay down some props. 

PJ Tucker – Points  – OVER 5.5
PJ Tucker has not had that impressive of a series but if Giannis is a no-go or he is not playing at 100 percent, he will need to step up massively at the forward position. He has scored 13 and 11 points in these playoffs, and both of those came against the Nets. Because his points have been low, the prop should be low and the value should be great. I know this is a random bet, but the Bucks need PJ Tucker and maybe this will be the game where he breaks out.

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Bogdan Bogdanović – Three Points Made – OVER 2.5
Bogdan is a three-point god in my eyes. He made 6-14 from three in this last game against the Bucks and he hit from two in each of the two games before that. I think if Trae is not 100 percent and they need another scorer, they will rely heavily on Bogdan who might try to hit from three more than he probably needs to. That will be great for this prop and I am happy to tag along on it. 

Bucks 1H -2
The Bucks didn’t win the first half score in Game 4 but they have been pretty damn good up to this point in the playoffs. They are 3-1 in this series alone and with them heading back home and the crowd back on their side, it will likely be sound drowning for the Hawks. The Bucks had the most first half points per game in the regular season in the entire league and that has kept up in the playoffs as well. During the regular season, they were 39-31-2 on the first half ATS and I’m banking in it here. 

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