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Thursday Trend: Back the Tune Squad, April 8

Farewell, college basketball. Thank you, March Madness. And god bless you, Baylor Bears. All in all, what an incredibly productive and lucrative March we all had that spilled into April and made out wallets just a little bit fatter. The March Madness Tournament is over and I am incredibly sad over that but man was it a great reason to lose my job over. 

Now we can turn our focus to some real basketball. Sure we have the NBA and the college basketball scene, but there is really only one game that comes around every 15 games or so. It is the Tune Squad vs Goon Squad game in Space Jam. 

There is no better action than this game. You can tell the pure emotion and passion that these athletes play with and it is clear that steroids are just literally allowed to be taken through Gatorade bottles in these games to the level of performance we can get ready to see will be wild. 

In this game, being played in July 2021, it will be the Tune Squad vs Goon Squad instead of the Monstars. Right now the Tune Squad has opened as a -1.5 point favorite. This makes sense given if you have ever watched a basketball game in a movie a game winning shot by one is the ultimate move. Nothing is more predictable than the team the movie is about pulling it off in dramatic fashion. That being said, Michael Jordan led the tune squad to a victory with a thrilling dunk as time expired in the last game. 

This time around, the Goon Squad is made up of a very talented roster. We will be watching Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard and Diana Taurasi take on Lebron and the Tune Squad. Given that Lebron is trying his absolute best to differentiate himself from MJ, I am absolutely betting the house on Tune Squad in this one. 

Next up is the total. 78-77 was the final score last time around in Space Jam 1. This took the use of some serious PEDs and literal magic to get to but the game of basketball has changed since 1996 and with practically no defense played in the actual league right now, I have to assume that this game will be much higher scoring. Right now the total has been set at 155. There is no way that the total goes under this. Given Lebron’s scoring and the lack of perimeter defending that Lola Bunny offers up, this total should be much higher and Vegas simply got it wrong here. I am expecting this score to be in the 90s for both teams so I will take the OVER, even if the odds are up around -500. 

Let’s take a look at some props. Lola Bunny has her total baskets made at 1.5 right now. If you bet the OVER, the odds are -175 with the UNDER set at +175. Last time out, Lola was able to put up 8 points on a perfect 4/4 shooting. These odds seem too good to be true. Not to mention, we are in the middle of a fucking women’s movement. Lola might go out there and cross up AD for like 25. 

Next up is Porky Pig. His shot toal is set at .5 and his OVER on that number is set at -140 odds with the UNDER coming in at EVEN. Porky came off the bench last time out and had one shot that he drilled for a total of 2 points. By the way, the Tune Squad literally didn’t shoot a single three last time. The way I see this is that with body positivity being at an all-time high, Porky could be sixth man of the year in this case. Absolutely hammer the OVER here. 

And finally, one last trend for you here. There is a prop for who scores more points, the 2021 Tune Squad or the 1996 Tune Squad. We have already established that LeBron would literally kill Michael in order to be the “GOAT” and defense just literally isn’t played anymore. Hammer the new Tune in this one and watch that wallet get fat. 

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