Cincinnati Bearcats

The Trend: Cincy Can’t Cover, Feb. 25

Typically the Trend is written to celebrate a team that is doing unthinkable things, covering the greatest of odds, or scoring an insane amount of points. This article is going to be different today. In this one, our main focus will be on a bunch of guys who dress up like they are basketball players but are the farthest thing from it. 

The Cincinnati Bearcats are either one of two things depending on how you view it. The Bearcats either crush you night after night after night or the Bearcats are your best friend because you bet against them every time they play.

The Bearcats are like the really weird kid on the high school baseball kid that is way too into coin collecting but hits absolute bombs. You use them for their strengths and just kinda overlook the other thing. In this case, it’s the Bearcats inability to cover against the spread. 

This season, Cincy is 3-12 when it comes to covering the number. They are covering just 20 percent of the time. Their margin of missed points is about 5.5 which is extremely high. That means that forever whatever reason Vegas just can’t get their head out of their asses and evaluate this team correctly. That is a great thing for people like you and I.

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Let’s really jump into a couple of numbers here. In their last 10 games, the Bearcats are 3-7 against the spread. The times they have covered, they have been underdogs and were playing at home. The numbers as dogs are as follows in those three games: +1.5, +3, +5.5. Overall it doesn’t inspire me much that the three games they have covered this whole season came when they got to play in their home arena and were given points to play with. 

This doesn’t mean you should stay away when they are home and underdogs though because in that same stretch there have been two other games where those two things applied and they failed to cover. I think the safest bet here is to always take them when they are projected as the favorite or if it is a reasonable dog number and Cincy is on the road. 

As long as the Bearcats keep producing at this rate of proving to be a truly incredible team against not covering the spread, I don’t see why we shouldn’t cash in on it. I could go on and on and on about why they are a bad team but I will keep it simple for you: their highest rank in a defensive category this season is 144 in the country and on offense it is 215 in the country. It really does not get anymore abysmal than that. 

The play here is always bet against Cincy to cover if: they are tabbed as the favorite, are on the road as a dog, are dogs at all and the spread is 2 or less. I like winning money and if you do too, this is the move. 

Free Play: 

We are switching up the free play big time this week. It is time that we throw a golf play into the mix here and this one has a chance to win you some serious cash because we only make golf bets that are plus money on this website. What happened to Tiger Woods this week was terrible and there will be a lot of golfers who play with some emotion this weekend at the WGC. Justin Thomas is extremely close to Tiger Woods and was upset about the crash publicly. He is currently a +300 to finish in the Top 5 and I love that bet. Thomas is playing great golf right now and has three top 5 finishes this season. 

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