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The Hangover: Ben Simmons is Making Me Eat Ramen, Mar. 1

I think it is okay to be transparent in these posts and so I want to start out with this: I lost some money this weekend. It wasn’t enough money that like my fake wife would leave me money but Tex may be eating some Ramen this week to right the ship. I would like to conclude this opening note with fuck NASCAR, I will never be betting on that sport again. 

Anyways, here’s hoping you all had a more profitable weekend than me. Let’s break it all down in this version of The Hangover.

The big sport that came back into full swing this weekend was college baseball. The sport is electric and thanks to a ton of clips getting tweeted out, I am just going to say that I am fully into the college baseball world this season. You are going to be seeing some wagers getting thrown that way and I can’t wait to watch all the clips of pitchers screaming at opposing dugouts…like this, or this…or even a bat flip like this

College basketball has entered the month of March and we all know that this is a time that could honestly be considered a holiday. Given the way it was ripped from our hands last year, let’s hope that this season is better than ever before. 

This was a really tough weekend for one bettor that was riding the Baylor Bears HARD. He threw $80,000 on the Bears to win straight up on Saturday against Kansas. Baylor was coming in as a -188 favorite. And I get it….the Bears were one of two undefeated teams left in the country. From this guy’s standpoint, what are the odds that he throws $80 large ones on them and then they choose not to win? Welp….tough shit. He threw it all down and Baylor got crushed. 81 percent of the public was riding Baylor too and they just absolutely crapped the bed. My issue with this bet was the fact that this team missed like two full weeks because of COVID and the storms in Texas. They looked really bad in their first game back against unranked Iowa State so of course Kansas was going to be way tougher.

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Of course, we can’t forget about FCS college football either. I have stayed away from betting on this because Spring Football after a full year of being off is a dangerous bet and I don’t like change. I’m glad that is my thought process because in a typical year I would ride North Dakota State with every cent in my bank account. This weekend, their 39-game winning streak was broken. They were 16.5 FAVORITES to win this game and they lost outright 38-14. I’m sure there were some big bets placed on that game and people are pissed. The SI moneyline was +630. 

If you were betting on golf this weekend, the board was all over the place. I myself was heart-broken by 23-year-old Viktor Hovland who was a +1800 pick to win the WGC Championship and ended up finishing third. He lost by three strokes and four of those can be linked back to a quadruple bogey he posted at the end of Friday’s round. 

The winner was 24-year-old Collin Morikawa who is becoming a force to be reckoned with in these large matches. He already has four professional wins and is tearing up the tour. For whatever reason, Vegas didn’t love him this weekend. On Thursday morning, Morikawa was a +3300 bet to win the whole tournament and then on Sunday Morning, holding a 2-stroke lead, he was still a +135 bet and only 8 percent of the public took that bet. 

The Worst Beat of the Weekend

If you had the UNDER in the 76ers/Cavs game on Saturday, I’d be surprised if you are sober enough to read words right now.  The total was posted at 220. The game was tied at 92 with 1:28 to go in regulation. As a UNDER bettor, you have basically won. BUT, no points were scored in that remaining time which sent the game to overtime. Even then….things look fine. 

The Cavs were up and the game seemed over with 27 ticks to go. That’s when Philly started fouling the hell out of them.  SIXTEEN POINTS were scored in the final 27 seconds. But the worst one, was a final three-point heave from Ben Simmons, the guy who literally NEVER shoots threes. Of course, he connected and the final score ended 112 to 109. THIS IS THE REASON I AM EATING RAMEN. 

Free Play 

The Nets were without Kyrie on Saturday night and it hurt them but he is back in the lineup tonight and the Nets are five point favorites against San Antonio. The issue here for the Spurs is that they rank 27th in defending the three and that’s all Brooklyn ever wants to do. I like the Nets and the five points. 

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