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The Beauty Behind Futures Wagering

Futures wagering – The only way to get 6 months of enjoyment from risking a small portion of your bankroll. Fortunes have been made in the futures market, and every year gamblers see at least an article or 2 about a major payday someone received from a longshot futures bet. All this being said, what is it about future wagering that makes it potentially the best bet in sports gambling? And how can you capitalize on it for the most profit / most enjoyment? Let’s start by giving some background on futures wagering, and then explain how it can be used to your advantage as a gambler.

How do futures odds work?

Futures odds are a pretty simple idea. Sportsbook analyze every team within a given league, and with that create a set of ‘odds’ that each team has to achieve a certain goal. The most common example of futures wagering would be winning the championship of a given league. Throughout the season “futures odds” will be continuously updated, giving a team’s chance to win the championship. If the team is off to a hot start, their odds will likely decrease, and vice versa.

This idea of betting on the ‘future’ outcome of a league extends far beyond just championships. Sportsbooks will offer odds on a team’s chance to win their division, their conference, or even a player’s chance of winning MVP – the amount of futures offered is virtually endless.

Why are futures so popular?

With the growth of social media, countless stories of people making small fortunes in futures has had a direct effect on its rise in popularity. Stories of people hitting a championship team at 100-1 has led gamblers to test their own luck in the futures market. Along with this, sportsbooks have started offering far more futures propositions, allowing gamblers to bet on just about any player / team outcome throughout the entire season.

Why are futures the best bet in sports gambling?

They give the little guy the chance to win big

Futures wagers offer gamblers the opportunity to hit a big score, whilst at the same time risking a relatively small portion of their bankroll. The odds for even the best teams to win a championship usually start at +500, and in many cases, they can reach +5000 or even higher. Taking a shot on a team you think has a chance can produce huge scores, as a $100 bet on a +5000 team would win you $5,000.

They give you months of enjoyment

We are all looking to profit from our sports bets, but the reality is that everyone should consider what bets give them the highest amount of enjoyment with the smallest vig paid to their sportsbook. This is where futures wagers become the best bet in sports. A single bet on your favorite team gives you months of excitement, whilst requiring you to only place a single bet. Betting on the Lakers to win the championship will give you 82+ games of enjoyment, where you follow every game’s outcome for the entire season, all based on a single bet you placed. This long-lasting excitement can’t be found in any other wager type, as the excitement of your bet on a game line ends with the final score of that singular game.

Sportsbooks don’t do the same amount of research on all futures bets

The sad reality is that sportsbooks usually know more than we do when it comes to game lines. They spend millions of dollars to conduct data analytics and produce expected final scores. Are they accurate 100% of the time? Of course not. But in the long run they probably know more about what the outcome will be on any given game than the gambler.

This reality is not nearly as applicable in the futures market. Sportsbooks may not have all the information on which college player wins the MVP, or how the favorite they listed will do throughout the season. Unique and specialized futures bets do not have the same amount of research conducted as major game line bets do, and with this lack of research comes opportunity.

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