Purdue's Zach Edey
Purdue's Zach Edey shoots past Yale's Matthue Cotton during the second half of a first round NCAA college basketball tournament game Friday, March 18, 2022, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)


Nathan Hursh

To be honest, this is a fun sucking pick. Nobody wants to see the 15-seed, St. Peters, lose. That said, I think the dream comes to an end this evening. After getting through the first weekend, St. Peters has been the talk of the tournament. They have been rockstars. Because of that, I have a feeling that they’ll come out flat against Purdue. Talent-wise, I just don’t see how the Peacocks guard someone like Jordan Ivey, who will be a lottery pick in this upcoming NBA draft. I don’t see how they guard Zach Edey, who is 7’4. My heart hates this pick. But gambling with your heart is not the way to go. Make some money. Pick Purdue.


Jordan Poole 25+ points (+112 FD)
Since Steph Curry got injured, Jordan Poole has been the focal point of the Warriors’ offense. In those three games, Poole has averaged 28 points on 20.6 shots per game. In March in general, Poole has been lighting it up averaging 24.5 points per game. Against a lousy defending Hawks team, Poole will have his chance to pile up some points. Getting plus odds for this be is too juicy to pass up.

Miami Heat -6 (-110 FD)
Two nights ago, Jimmy Butler and Eric Spoelstra came dangerously close to engaging in a fistfight in the middle of the court. The team was losing and frustrated. That frustration boiled over. For any other team, this could be seen as a problem. For the Heat though, this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. Miami is tough. They don’t get crap from anybody, even themselves. Tonight, they host the Knicks. The Knicks aren’t exactly world-beaters. I believe Miami will come out extra focused tonight and win handily.

Bonus same game parlay:
Lamelo Ball 20+ points (-130)
Lamelo Ball 8+ assists (+150)
Donavan Mitchell 30+ points (-104)
Mike Conley o5.5 assists (+102)

Total Parlay: +1431 (FD)

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