Aaron Rodgers Hangover Monday

Hangover Monday, Jan 25

Apologies in advance if some of the text in this article looks a bit slurred but I have been nursing a bottle of pedialyte for the last 2 hours, I have grease stains in ungodly places on my couch, my bank account is about to go bonkers after hitting 3 of 4 in the Champ Sunday best bets, and the goddamn Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play for a Super Bowl in two weeks time. 

It was a great weekend for all of those who are Bucs fans, Chiefs fans, Poirier bettors, and the smart crowd who followed our weekend bets to some massive wins. With the way that Sunday played out, we are going to get an incredibly anticipated Super Bowl matchup that features another insane quarterback showdown. 

We have been lucky enough already to see Brady take on Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, but now he gets to go up against a QB he remembers well from his AFC days: Patrick Mahomes. These two quarterbacks have gone head-to-head four different times with a split record of 2-2 but with Brady getting the best of Mahomes in a recent AFC Championship Game. These two played each other earlier this season and Tyreek Hill put Tampa in the bathroom. 

For the first time ever, we are going to have a home team Super Bowl, meaning the Bucs are the first team to play in a Super Bowl that is being hosted by their own city. While I’d like to tell you that Raymond James Stadium will be packed with only Bucs fans but this is a fan base that is small in numbers so it should be interesting to see how this plays out. 

Let’s talk about the weekend and how some made their money and others lost it. The Bucs really upset some bettors after just blatantly winning. The moneyline for the Packers was -180 and that garnered more than 59 percent of the bets with 62 percent of the handle. Even worse, the Packers spread of -3 was getting over 79 percent of the public’s bets. It seems like the Bucs are thriving as underdogs this postseason. At least the OVER was a popular bet, bringing in more than 74 percent. 

All in all, the public was leaning far too heavy on the Packers and it seemed like the most popular bet this weekend was a parlay with the Packers spread involved. That bet was taken by the boys at Barstool who played 20 large on a Packers -3.5/ Bills +3 parlay that of course did not hit. However, BetMGM and William Hill logged two bets that were $500K or more on the Bucs to cover their spread. 

The Chiefs were not in the same situation as the Packers as the Bills were rolling in most of the bets. Admittedly, we loved the Bills spread in this one but it didn’t end great. The 14-point loss was not good enough for the 57 percent of bettors who laid money on the Bills moneyline of +155. However, Chiefs bettors did command the spread with 67 percent of the handle and 57 percent of the total bets coming in for Chiefs -3.5. Oh, how an alternate spread would have been killer in that game. 

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A Horrible Football Bad Beat

You could call out a lot of these bad beats from this weekend, and maybe Matt Lafleur’s decision to kick a field goal with your Hall of Fame quarterback on the sideline was the worst bad beat of them all, but in a gambling sense, there is one that really sticks out. The first-half total in the Bucs/Packers game was 26.5. It was 14-10 with just a few seconds to play when the Bucs decided to take a deep ball on fourth down instead of punting and Tom Brady found the short white dude, not Wes Welker or Julian Edelman, Scotty White to make it 21-10 and cash the over with a second left. If you had first-half under, shame on you and we are sorry that you probably broke your tv screen after the catch. 

UFC Shocker

For whatever reason, the sportsbooks loved Connor McGregor this weekend even though he got his ass handed to him by Dustin Poirier. 82 percent of the money was thrown down on McGregor to win outright at an odds of -305 rather than leaning +265 on Porier. Some bettors won huge, with William Hill and BetMGM receiving bets of $100,000 and $200,000 on Porier. But most of the money rolled through “The Notorious” who had a few wagers of double digits in the thousands and triple digits in the thousands.

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