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Monday Hangover: Suns in 4, June 14

Suns in 4. That is what encapsulated this weekend for me and I can’t stop thinking about anything else. The Phoenix Suns are actually headed to the NBA Conference Finals and it doesn’t really seem real to me. Who would have thought that in one calendar year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would win a Super Bowl and the Suns would even sniff the playoffs.

The Suns made people in Phoenix happy and some bettors ecstatic. For whatever reason, Vegas made them just three-point favorites which made no sense if they had watched a single game so far in the series. Sure, Nikola Jokic getting tossed for the worst call I’ve seen in a longtime was ridiculous, but even that had me rubbed the wrong way. 

One bettor placed two separate bets on the Suns that equaled to $40,000 in wages and it hit easily. Now you just have to kick yourself if you didn’t get in on the Suns +6500 line to win the NBA Finals back in November. A $10 bet on that line would have won you $650. 

The other big NBA news from the weekend was Kyrie Irving rolling up his ankle and exiting Game 4 while the Bucks began to dominate and tie up the series. This one looked all but over after Game 2 but Milwaukee needed that home crowd to juice them back up. The x-rays on Kyrie’s ankle all came back negative but there is no word on whether or not he’ll be back for Game 5. If he can’t go and Harden is still out, this is bad, bad news for the Nets who could face an elimination game on the road in Game 6. The Bucks are now at negative odds to win the series. 

UFC had a wild card over the weekend and there were some intensely entertaining fights, including Nate Diaz opting not to knock out his opponent Leon Edwards in the final round after  a massive blow. Instead, Diaz pointed and laughed at Edwards who contained himself from falling over and ended up winning the fight. Edwards was the favorite at -600 and Diaz was an underdog at +410. All I will say is that if I had the +410 wager going and Diaz opted not to win the fight and instead laugh, I would be absolutely furious right now.


Not the time to trend
Speaking of the Nets, they were trending on Twitter yesterday. It wasn’t necessarily just because they were a thing to watch on Sunday but the exact trending phrase was “Nets -2.” I am going out on a limb and calling that one bad karma and will be avoiding any other trending lines from here on out. 

Boo Pig Soi
The college baseball playoffs have been absolutely electric so far and I am all on board with watching every single game from here on out. But it was tough to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks lose in the Super Regionals and miss out on their shot at playing in Omaha. They were the Alabama of college baseball this season and couldn’t even get to the final round. To open up the playoffs, they were the World Series betting favorite at +180 and lost to North Carolina State who wasn’t a top-seed and was a +5000 odds to win. 

Free Play
Philadelphia 76ers -3 vs Atlanta Hawks

The Sixers shot over 58 percent in Game 3 and I don’t think the Hawks have any sort of answer as to how to slow down this offense. While Trae Young is playing well, he isn’t the same guy we saw in game one over the last two games and the Sixers have now covered in 2 of 3 this series and in 5 of their last 7.

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