Kevin Durant Guerschon Yabusele
United States' forward Kevin Durant, left, greets France's Guerschon Yabusele, right, after the team lost to France in a men's basketball preliminary round game at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Sunday, July 25, 2021, in Saitama, Japan. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Monday Hangover: Press Panic for Team USA, July 26

I’ve gone into hiding. Or at least I think I’d like to go into hiding. I may or may not have suggested to you that taking Team USA on the -11.5 line was a good idea because like…it was France they were playing. Little did I know that they were going to get their asses handed to them, press the panic button on the  Olympics, and release reports to the media that they aren’t actually fully behind Gregg Popovich. 

It was a bloodbath on a Sunday morning for this team, and nothing short of Lebron jumping on a jet to Japan makes me think that this team has a chance to bounce back. They looked BAD in this game. France got whatever it wanted and the U.S. looked terrified to crash the boards. They had two wide-open looks for three at the end and missed both of them, and none of these guys actually seem to care that they are on the fast track for elimination. 

The fact that the spread was -11.5 for a team that has won 15 out of the 19 gold medals since basketball became an Olympic sport and  still managed to lose this badly is downright embarrassing. I remember being bored in 2016 because Team USA literally blew everyone out of the water. Now, I am just hoping they can beat Iran on Tuesday. 

France was a +575 underdog and handed them their first loss in the Olympic games since 2004 and snapped a 25-game winning streak from the U.S. This team had 63 percent of the handle and 52 percent of the bets to win the gold medal and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen at this point. Oh, and France, the team that just took them down, didn’t even receive enough bets to be given a percentage of the handle for the gold medal.

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Basically they had a shitty Sunday morning, and then the Big 12 had an even shittier Monday morning. Texas and Oklahoma have officially announced that they will not renew their media grant of rights. That means that they are going to stay with the conference until 2025, but not after that. The other possibility is that another four teams find other conferences and then the Big 12 crumbles. And another possibility is that the conference just pays those two and they leave sooner than 2025. I don’t really have any betting nods to this one, but it’s important considering it will literally change the structure of college football and how you place your bets in the future. I also want to say a big RIP to Big 12 OVERS which is probably the easiest and most locked in bet that you can think of making on a Saturday afternoon. 

A Bet in Jeopardy
One bettor threw down $10,000 on the Packers to win the Super Bowl at 25-1 odds. That’s a ballsy bet considering Aaron Rodgers really hasn’t given any indication that he is coming to Training Camp or that he hasn’t just quit football. On top of that, it sounds like Davante Adams and Green Bay aren’t nearing an extension and it wouldn’t shock me if he asks for a trade. 

Remember Deshaun 
The Deshaun Watson stuff is messy as hell and there is still a ton of legal smoke around the Texans QB. Before the sexual allegations made against him came to light, he said that he’d never play for Houston again. I’m not too sure what will happen with him legally, but he did just announce he is coming to training camp, but is expected to be traded. Houston says they’ll take offers but want three first-rounders. Houston shot themselves in the foot by not trading him when they should’ve because who knows if the league will even allow him to play at this point. Back in May, Philly had 3-1 odds on the QB being traded there while Carolina was second with 4-1 odds. 

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Under 9 Mariners vs Astros
These two teams are averaging just 5 runs per game when they have played each other in their last 10 games. The Astros have hit the UNDER in 4 of their last 5 on the road and they’ve gone UNDER in 9 of their last 12 against each other.

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