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Hangover: All Praise Rahm, June 21

I type this to you after arriving home from the bank where I just cashed my massive Jon Rahm winnings into a bank account that needed some juice and a re-fuel. Holy shit, what a weekend it was. Jon Rahm saved the goddamn day and made us all rich in the process. That was the most electric Sunday of golf I have ever watched. 

Let’s just break down what happened really quickly. This man Jon Rahm was the tournament’s favorite before play began on Thursday at +1000. Now, if you read the Trend last week, you knew that I was all in on Rahm as the favorite because those odds were great. Plus, this is a guy who should have won three weeks ago at the Memorial but was DQ’d after Round 3 with a six-stroke lead because he tested positive for COVID. 

So in his first tournament back, he is faced with being a favorite in a major championship, something he has never won before. Coming into the final round, he was tied for sixth place and three strokes back of the leader. This guy decides to go out and shoot four under par on the round and take a one-stroke lead well before the final group has finished. So he had to just sit and wait as he watched his fate unfold, and my god did it unfold alright. You could have bet him at +400 on the moneyline midway through the round and still had one hell of a weekend. 

Outside of that, I was absolutely glued to my screen with the NBA postseason which is taking some really bizarre turns. Let’s start with the Jazz and Clippers series and the ultimate choke job that is the Utah Jazz. How on Earth did they get obliterated by Terrance Mann in an elimination game? They lost to the Clippers without Kawhi Leonard and allowed a massive comeback on their home court. The Jazz were -225 to begin this series and they absolutely shit the bed. They royally screwed over the 57 percent of bettors who backed them -1.5 in Game 6 and an implosion could be on the horizon. 

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The other team that imploded were the Philadelphia 76ers. I can’t believe the shit that they pulled off in Game 7. Ben Simmons had the worst game of his career and every single person on Twitter let him have it, even his own coach was questioning whether or not he was the guy. I can’t believe a team whose second best scorer is Kevin Huerter just advanced to the conference finals. Trae Young went 1/12 in the first half of Game 7 and the Sixers still managed to lose. 

Philly was a -215 series favorite before it all began and entering Game 7, they were still laying seven full points in theat game on the spread. Someone pissed off the Hawks because they were having nothing to do with that line and just flipped the script and won outright. It really makes no sense to me as to how they were so damn dominant all this time. I remember when I made fun of that one bettor for throwing $200,000 on the Hawks to win the Eastern Conference but here I am eating my own words because they are four wins away from doing just that.

Not Waiting Around
I often get antsy and will bet a first quarter or first half total or spread just so I don’t have to wait until the end of the game to see if my bet hit. Someone in the Suns/Clippers game felt the same way after throwing down a $110,000 bet on the first half UNDER of 112. The final heading into the locker room was 57-54. Good on that guy. 

Fire it into the Sun 
Stats are great, and they can tell you just about anything you need to know for a game. But what a useless stat this one was: The Jazz were 94-1 under Quinn Snyder when leading by 25 points or more. 

Free Play: 
Astros -150
I don’t love taking a game at these odds, but damn the Astros are winners of seven-straight and coming off a four-game sweep of the White Sox. They face a really bad Orioles team tonight with a starter who has been up and down between the bigs and triple-A. I love this Astros team tonight. 

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