Jalen Brunson,Jordan Poole
Dallas Mavericks guard Jalen Brunson, right, is defended by Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole (3) during the first half of Game 1 of the NBA basketball playoffs Western Conference finals in San Francisco, Wednesday, May 18, 2022. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)


Kyle Barrette

I’m not sure why Miami can’t shoot threes all of a sudden, but it sure was their downfall in game five. Along with passing the ball when you have cupcake shots down low. I’m not sure what the game plan was, but they sure looked like they were going to die trying to shoot the three-ball no matter what. Game five of the Western Conference finals is tonight as Golden State looks to close this series out at home.

I don’t think you saw a focused Warriors team in game four. The Mavs clearly wanted that game more. Looking back to Curry’s post-game comments after game three about them “playing with house money” and seeing how game four ended up. You also had Steve Kerr be very candid about the events that unfolded a few hours before that game. The test will be whether they can adjust to how undoubtedly Dallas will play, given their only success in this series.

Unfortunately for the Mavs, I think there is a bit of relief that will come from them that they just avoided the sweep. Up until that point, they were unable to do much of anything they wanted through the first three games. The interesting point that I’ll be watching is when things go south and they are unable to replicate what they did in game four, how fast do they go back to Luka’s isolation basketball? Can the Mavs play smart basketball and use him to create wide open shots for the other shooters on the team?

Mavericks vs Warriors pick: Warriors -7
I think it’s a little too late for the Mavs. They are going to come out and try and replicate what they had success with in game four, and when that doesn’t work or their guys have an off shooting night because the place is going to be insane, they go back to Luka who ultimately can’t win the game for them. Ultimately, it doesn’t work, and the Mavs play frustrated sloppy basketball at the end and the Warriors pull away for the cover.

Same Game Parlay:
Warriors -6.5, Andrew Wiggins First Basket, Luka Doncic Over 34.5 Pts, Jalen Brunson Over 19.5 Pts, Steph Curry Over 27.5 Pts and Klay Thompson Over 18.5 Pts. 

SGP Odds +22081

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