Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather – Odds & Analysis, June 2

One of the greatest fighters of all-time makes his return to the ring on Saturday and because we live in 2021 and boxing is literally a joke now, he will be boxing none other than Youtube star Logan Paul. The antics and drama that have led up to this fight feel like a WWE event, but props to them for getting the eyeballs and driving up the excitement of the fight. 

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Mayweather is the massive favorite in this fight, being offered to win the fight straight up at -1100. Paul’s line is at +650. We should mention that Paul has just one professional boxing match under his belt and he lost to a Youtuber, KSI, in a split-decision. Since 2015, Mayweather has fought just three times and he has one knockout and two unanimous decisions. His last fight came against Connor McGregor in 2016 and resulted in a TKO in round 10/12. This match will be eight rounds.  


Background of Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather
This has been a fight that’s been in the making for a very long time. The Paul brothers seem like they are eager to fight UFC fighters, washed up boxers, and other Youtubers, so this is a huge step up and undoubtedly the toughest opponent either has seen in the ring. Mayweather has already said that he can beat both of the brothers, so Logan will be his first test to seeing if he can make it happen. 

Paul and his brother, Jake, have already been getting in Mayweather’s head by taking his hat and calling him out and Mayweather’s team is saying that Floyd is legitimately pissed. I feel as if the producers of this fight moonlight on the Bachelorette in their spare time, but it’s working. Logan Paul says he is looking to decapitate Mayweather in round one on Saturday. 

The Best Prop Bets for Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather
You already know that Mayweather is the MASSIVE favorite in this fight and if you are confident in him winning, it makes no sense to ever take a line at -1100. You can find much better value in a couple of different prop bets. Here are some props that are worth looking into: 

  • Floyd Mayweather to win in Rounds 7-8 +650: This is the best value for a Floyd win. His last three fights went into rounds 10, 12 and 12 so he likes to draw them out. 
  • Total Rounds OVER 5.5 (+110): For the same reason as above, this is a fight he could draw out. 
  • Logan Paul wins by Doctor Stoppage (+2800): Do I believe in this bet? No, not a ton. But Floyd is really old and these odds are extremely favorable. It wouldn’t be the craziest thing that could happen. 
  • Who will Mayweather mention first in the postgame? Jake Paul (+110): Plus money here and Floyd has already mentioned taking them both out. If he’s looking for an easy cash grab, here it is.
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Our Picks on the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight
I hope this goes without saying, but we really like Floyd Mayweather in this fight but we also won’t be taking him at -1100 in a line that is likely to move in an even worse direction for the common bettor. Props are the way to go with this fight, and a lot of that will have to come down to research that you make on previous Floyd Mayweather fights. It’s tough to get a read on him considering he’s not boxed in 5 years, but maybe that is an advantage. Here are the few bets I am taking: 

OVER 5.5 Rounds (+110) 
Mayweather in Round 6 (+1200) 
Paul to be knocked down in rounds 1-3 (+200) 

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