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Hangover: Weekend of the Long Shot, June 1

Head is pounding, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and the bets are still flowing. Remember as you’re sucking down a cold one and watching some basketball today that you should be paying some tribute to the women and men who can’t be here to do the same on this day. 

It was a weekend that was packed with some crazy action and there is a lot to cover in this edition of the Hangover. There was a lot of money to be won, and I for one can proudly say that I went about 50/50 and broke even so I am going to chalk that one up as a win for myself. 

Let’s start out with something that was a little bit obscure over the weekend but some people in America literally treat it like the goddamn Super Bowl. The Indy 500 went down on Sunday and while I am not really a massive IndyCar or NASCAR guy, I of course threw away money on a nice little bet for the favorite Scott Dixon (+350) to win it all and this guy absolutely pissed the sheets and shit the bed. In fact, the guy who ended up winning the damn thing, Helio Castroneves, was a +3500 longshot to win it all. 

Now, it really hurts me when I chase a favorite in the pole position, which is significant to remember. That was seen as a relatively safe bet but instead turned out to be an absolute dud. Had I sprinkled around that crisp $50 bill that I just literally threw away instead on Helio and just even placed a $25 bet on him, I would have walked away this weekend with $900. 

Onto some other interesting betting nuggets from this weekend. The Celtics absolutely shocked the Nets at home on Friday night when they not only covered but won the game outright. On Sunday night, the Nets were still eight points despite the loss and 70 percent of the public still very wisely went with the Nets to cover, which they did without a doubt.


The Mavericks are really making me sweat as I laid down a series bet on them at +310. After games one and two, I was feeling like a million bucks and I really thought I had this one in the bag but Kristaps Porzingis continues to be a massive bitch and the Clippers have stormed back to tie the series and now I am sitting here absolutely in shambles that I didn’t hedge my bet when the Clippers were down 0-2. 

In the Water
That’s where Jordan Spieth’s ball went on number 18 yesterday at the Charles Schwab Challenge. He was trailing the leader Jason Korkrak by just one shot as they went to the final hole and Spieth shanked a drive and then overcorrected for an approach shot in the pond which left him needing to chip in from a drop to make it interesting. He was a 10-1 favorite heading into the weekend on his home-turf and instead, Korkrak, who has just one other PGA victory stole the show and won as a 40-1 longshot. 

Vegas and Lebron are dating
I get that Lebron is the best basketball player in ESPN, Vegas, and the Bleacher Report’s minds and I get that he draws viewers and gets ratings, but how much disrespect can we really give to the Phoenix Suns. The number two seed in the whole Western Conference was a +245 underdog yesterday against the Lakers. They easily took care of business and tied the series up as it heads back to Phoenix. Vegas has gotten out of their minds with these Lakers lines and I’m going to attack it moving forward. 

Free Play – Sixers -8 vs Wizards
Can we just go ahead and call the Wizards and Sixers series a wrap? This is such a mismatch that it’s not even fun to watch. I loved betting on Washington down the stretch but they are shooting just 23 percent from three in the playoffs and the Sixers are averaging 125 points a game, so this one isn’t going to be close. 

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