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Hangover Monday: Your Kids College Fund is Gone, Mar. 29

It sure was a Sweet 16, but like the kind where the girl turning 16 gets pregnant and it just doesn’t pan out like you think. I’m not sure about anyone else but I didn’t see the UNDERS going 6-2 in these games and we just barely got bailed out by Alabama and UCLA heading to overtime. 

After the dust settled, the “cinderellas” of the tournament like Oral Roberts and Loyola Chicago are out but Oregon State, a 12-seed, and UCLA, an 11-seed, still remain in the tournament. I think the whole sentiment of this weekend can be summed up by the biggest bet that was placed which was $451,000 on Alabama to cover -6.5. The Crimson Tide not only broke that dude’s heart but he also for sure broke my heart when I live bet Bama at +4.5 and they still somehow didn’t cover. I woke up this morning cursing them for hitting the shot to extend the game into overtime. 

On another note, one of the most successful wagers of the weekend that screwed over Vegas was Baylor -7.5. I am personally hoping for a matchup that ends with Baylor and Gonzaga facing each other in the National Championship. Against Villanova on Saturday, 69 percent of the handle and 70 percent of the bets were placed on the Bears. They actually went down 7 going into the half but jesus christ that mullet that Matthew Mayer is rocking must have some sort of power in it or something because they came out for the second half ready to fuck up the Wildcats. 

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The game that really hurt was Syracuse. It seemed like Buddy Boeheim and company were the real deal but apparently not after they got big dicked around by Houston. The Orange were getting 6.5 points in this deal and they took in 73 percent of bets and 72 percent of the handle. No one believed that Houston was running away with this game but boy were we wrong. Thanks to 28 percent shooting from the school known for Carmelo and no one else after that, they managed to score just 46 points in a truly horrendous effort. 

Call your divorce lawyer: 

This was a tough weekend for a lot of people but maybe no tougher than for these four bettors. You already know about the Alabama wager but how about a $367,000 on Oregon +2, a $222,000 wager on FSU +2.5, and a $112,000 on Creighton +13.5. Honestly, are the locks just changed on the doors by the time you come home? Are your kids calling you Phil instead of dad at this point? I am not sure how you could even walk over to a mirror and look at your face without wanting to put your head through it. I lost like $200 this weekend and I took to the bottle, I’m not sure how one deals with hundreds of thousands in losses. 

Most Horrendous Bad Beat Ever: 

I am interrupting March Madness coverage for this one Bad Beat because it is actually so bad that we have to address it. The Rockets were getting four points against the atrocious Timberwolves last week. With just over 7 minutes to play, Houston LED by 16 points. Nothing seems like more of a sure thing than the team you have winning being up by 16 with 7 to play AND you’re getting points. But some way, somehow, Houston allowed Minnesota to go on a 22-0 run to end the game. Fire everyone in the city of Houston straight into the fucking sun. 

Free Play: 

Here is to hoping and praying that a free play today goes better than the weekend. I am a believer in the Beavers and I love that after all we have seen them do in this tournament, they are still somehow getting 8 points. I think Houston ultimately wins this game but Oregon State plays slow, has size, and can shoot the three ball in a way that is quite lethal. Back the Pac and let’s hope for a cover. 

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