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Super bowl 55 sign down town Tampa, Fl January 29, 2021

Hangover Monday: Tompa Brady, Feb.8

They doubted him, they called him too old, they said he was a system quarterback, and then he came back to kick everybody in the mouth and take down this ‘baby GOAT’ of yours. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl champs – something I never thought I’d say. Tom Brady whooped some ass last night for his seventh Super Bowl ring and it was a glorious night all around. 

The score, as the Trend told us, hit the UNDER because Tom Brady is an under god in the Super Bowl. If you watched halftime of that game, you knew that Chiefs -3.5 bettors were probably pooping their pants, but not in a good Lamar way. Hopefully Chiefs fans enjoyed the halftime show, because the rest of that game must have been downright miserable for them. 

The Bucs were an automatic team in the playoffs. They went on the road three times, covering in each and every game. Then they get to host the Super Bowl as home dogs and they still come away with the win. This team went 3-0 as underdogs and 1-0 as a favorite in this postseason. 

I am so glad that 67 percent of the public chose the Chiefs to cover in this game because now I get to laugh in their faces. The Kansas City ML took home 55 percent of the handle, which was dumb as hell considering this team couldn’t cover a cut with a bandaid this entire season. The Chiefs have proven all-year long that they don’t beat teams by a large margin but the oddsmakers wanted to test it out anyways. 

It’s also quite obvious that not enough bettors are reading the Thursday Trend which is where our top information is released each and every week. No joke, we have been on fire in this one and we suggested to lean the under because historically, it kills in this game. Despite those genius words and fair advice, the public put 70 percent of the handle on the OVER of 56. This game combined for 40!!! Points in total. This Bucs defense didn’t get the respect they deserve and it is obvious. Vegas won massive on this wager right here, the house always wins because you fools aren’t reading us nearly enough.

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What we really loved seeing was Gronkowski scoring that first touchdown at +1100. If you were betting a first touchdown scorer from the Bucs, hopefully you did because the Chiefs never actually got to the endzone, Gronk should have been the guy. He and Brady now have more postseason touchdowns than any other quarterback/wide receiver duo. After his second touchdown, Gronk now has five Super Bowl touchdowns in total. 

One DraftKings bettor wasn’t messing around with this one, he placed a $1,500 wager on Gronk to score first and got a payday of $34,500. This guy could’ve been on the brink of divorce, throwing away his wife’s inheritance week after week and then came back with the ultimate hammer to win it all back. 

The biggest winner of the night is that old son of a bitch, Mattress Mack. I’ll be honest, as a Buccaneers fan, seeing Mattress Mack place a very, very large bet on the Bucs had me shaking in my boots. This guy nearly bankrupted himself betting on the Astros in the World Series a few years ago, and his money is not the cash I wanted backing Tampa in this one. But god dammit, Mattress Mack, you are welcome to bet on my teams any day of the week. He placed a massive $3.46 million bet on the Bucs to cover in this game and the rich get richer. On a side note, does everyone in Texas buy mattresses from this guy? How the hell does a mattress salesman create an empire like this? Is it a cover for something much bigger? Is someone going to track my IP address and come and kill me for uncovering this? Let’s hope not. 

The biggest winner of the night had to be the guy who took the “No Chiefs Touchdown” for 60 to 1 odds. It’s not clear how much he put on that bet but even a $5 throwaway just made him a very, very rich man. 

There are plenty of stories out there right now about the triumphs of Bucs bettors but you know we have to get to the worst bets and the losers of the weekend. 

There were some massive bets that were taken on the Chiefs to not only cover but to also just win outright on the moneyline. One of the biggest was a $2.5 Million ML on Chiefs -165 to win 1,515,151, according to BetMGM. 

One of the other tough bets was actually a Bucs one. This guy had a booster bet on Gronkwoski having exactly 69 receiving yards. Tipico Sportsbook offered a $69 max bet and had Gronk had just two more receiving yards (ended with 67 on the day) it would have cost the book over $100K if he had 69 yards receiving.

Hopefully you won some money, hopefully you took some of our good advice, and hopefully you will never doubt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers again. Happy Hangover! 

Free Pick: Bulls (-2.5) vs Washington 

Don’t look now but the Bulls are not a bad team at all. And some would even say they are a great team because this team can cover. They are 13-9 ATS this season and they have covered in 8 of the last 10 games played against the Wizards. 

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