Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs

Hangover Monday: The Derby is Rigged, May 10

I hate to say these words but, the Kentucky Derby can suck a fat one. Ya, I said it. Medina Spirit, the damn Baffert horse who won the Derby, tested positive for an illegal drug and there is an investigation into the horse and its trainers. Baffert has been suspended for Churchill Downs, he’s had more than 29 horses test positive during his career as a trainer. 

Here’s what is rigged about the whole situation: Medina Spirit bettors can still cash in tickets for the horse, even if it gets disqualified and is no longer deemed the winner in the next few days. The horse that finished second, Mandaloun, will be the winner, but the bettors of this horse won’t be receiving jack shit. In fact, you are fully out of luck. This is because of a stupid rule that saves the books from not losing money on tickets they already paid out to the bettors of Medinia Spirit. 

The tickets are as useful as old paper you can use to start a fire to burn away the cash you spent betting on the Derby anyways. There are a lot of fucked up things going on in horse racing right now and the fact that correct bets won’t be paid out if a whole load of shit. And with that, welcome to Hangover Monday. 

I bet on golf every single week. I usually pick my favorite golfers to finish top 20 and research who does well at a certain course. This weekend I went on vacation, and I forgot to place bets, a cardinal sin. For the last month or so, I have thrown $10 on Rory McIlroy to win every tournament he’s appeared in outright. I forgot to do that this weekend. 

Rory is good at Quail Hollow and has won there before. In fact, this is the first place he ever won on the PGA Tour. His last win came in 2019 but he has been finishing well as of late and if there was ever a time to break a slump, this course was the one to do it. Rory’s odds were +2000 coming into this tournament. My $10 bet would have won me $200 and it would’ve erased my Derby blues. Rory won in epic fashion and now I can hate myself for the full week. 

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Favorite Payout

Canelo Alvarez dominated in his fight on Saturday night and two bettors made risky favorite bets that are always entertaining when they lose. There was a $110,000 bet on Canelo at -500 that paid out $20,000. Another bettor placed a $70,000 bet on Canelo -600 that paid out a little over $11,000. Thank god they cashed. 

Balls of Fury

If you are a professional ping pong player, there is a good chance you aren’t rolling in dough. That is exactly the case of Adam Green, a Newcastle Ping Pong pro who made over $438,000 on fixed matches. It  is estimated that he placed 1170 bets on fixed matches. Even crazier, this all went down last year alone, from May to December. 

Super Bowl Bets are Rolling In 

The NFL Draft just went down, but of course, we are already seeing Super Bowl bets coming in left and right. In March of last year, I threw $50 on the Bucs to win the Super Bowl the day they signed Tom Brady and that turned out okay, so there is no reason to harp on anyone’s Super Bowl bets, BUT I am skeptical about a few. In Nevada, a $10,000 bet was placed on the Cowboys at 30-1. This guy clearly doesn’t believe in “defense wins championships.” In New Jersey, one bettor is WAY too high on the Zach Wilson hype and threw down $5,000 on the Jets at 150-1. That would pay out $250,000. 

Free Play

Thanks for reading along, degenerates. We are visiting the NHL tonight for a free play. I am taking OVER 6.5 in the New Jersey Devils vs Philadelphia Flyers game. Both of these teams are having wretched seasons but they really enjoy scoring on each other. The total has gone OVER in 4 of the last 5 between these two. In the Devils last 20, the OVER has hit in 13 of those.

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