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Hangover Monday, May 22: Lefty

This one is hard to type. I spent yesterday morning draped around the hotel toilet before I did the bravest thing of all time which was to take an Uber to the airport and board my flight, knowing fully well that I may have to occupy the bathroom for most of the ride. Needless to say, I was stoked to land and see ole lefty Phil Mickelson pull off one of the craziest golf feats we’ve ever seen. 

The short and sweet wedding update from our Weekend Best Bets is that I got disgustingly hammered all weekend and just don’t want to talk about it. But I do want to talk about everything that went right this weekend and everything that went wrong, and all the crazy bets that were placed. 

Let’s start with the crazy: Phil Mickelson. At 50-years-old, he became the oldest golfer to win a major and he did it with Brooks Koepka right on his ass the whole way. Phil was such a longshot to win but it became clear after Day Two that he wasn’t going anywhere in Kiawah but to the final pairing on the fourth day. There were some massive winners thanks to the historic golfer and I am extremely upset that I was too drunk to pull a live bet off. 

The easiest winner came from a DraftKings bettor who placed a simple $1000 wager on Phil to win with odds of +30000. He went home with $301,000 and the craziest thing is that it’s not even that insane of a bet, it was just a straight shot and it hit. 

An actual crazy man bet was the guy who threw $60 down on a parlay that consisted of Phil win the PGA Championship at 28000 odds and Lebron to score a double/double in a Lakers win vs Golden State at +144 odds. That $60 turned into $41,380. The biggest loser was William Hill who reportedly took a “good six-figure loss” because of Phil’s win. Anyday the house loses like that, we’ve got to be amped about the winner. 

And speaking of basketball, we learned a little bit through the first two days of the playoffs. The first is that we should be taking the points. Out of the eight games that were played, six underdogs covered, making those lines much closer the next time around. The Jazz, Clippers, and Knicks were the three favorites who just outright lost and maybe the worst loss was for LA who was dominated by Dallas. 

Rumor has it that they are already releasing Oscar Nomination Odds for Best Actor and the outright favorite is Lebron who was doing more of that yesterday than playing basketball against the Suns. Phoenix lost Chris Paul early but they still cruised to a victory and easily covered the 2.5 points in a 9 point win. They were underdogs as a two-seed coming into this series, and it’ll be interesting to see how the series develops. 

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A useless prop 
Tim Tebow somehow is back in the NFL and while it doesn’t make any sense at all, it’s happening and we just have to suck it up and hear ESPN talk about him everyday for the next five months. Station Casinos released a season prop for Tebow which listed his overall touchdowns at 2.5. The OVER is listed at -105 and the UNDER is at -125. Tebow has to see action in week one to have this one payoff. 

Where Will Julio Go? 
If you saw Undisputed on Monday morning, you know that Julio is a goner in Atlanta, he won’t be a Cowboy, and Shannon Sharpe is probably getting fired. But on top of all that, odds have been released for his next team and the three favorites are Chargers (+500), Patriots (+500), and Ravens/Colts (+600). 

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Pittsburgh Penguins/New York Islanders OVER
Entering game 5, we have seen the OVER hit twice and I really like it again here in this one. The Isles are averaging 3.4 per game and Pittsburgh is right at 2.4 and I am thinking this game may need an extra period to get the job done. 

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