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Monday Hangover: Leg Snap, April 26

This weekend was pretty much wrapped up by a dude absolutely snapping his leg in the octagon, the Dodgers and the Padres trading home run derby balls and chirping at each other, and a reminder to myself as to why I don’t bet on FCS football because it is the most inferior product in the country. Hello and welcome to The Hangover. 

If you watched that UFC fight this weekend, I am sorry. Chris Weidman literally had his leg facing the other side of the octagon trying to walk the other direction while the other half of his body was trying to stay right where it was. This was one of the more gruesome injuries we have seen in the UFC and it brought out some of the most insane reactions we have seen in a while. 

Here is the good news that comes from all of this, though. Most of the betting public was betting on Weidman to lose. I’m not sure there were any bets out there that predicted his leg to be mangled for life. If there were, shame on you, I guess. But 59 percent of the money and 59 percent of the handle were all riding on Uriah Hall to win this fight anyways, so no harm, no foul. 

The other best action of the weekend had to be the Dodgers vs Padres series. These teams have now played each other six times and the series is split at three-games a piece. But last night was maybe the wildest. After tensions built after Fernando Tatis Jr. owned Trevor Bauer on Saturday, LA jumped to a 7-1 lead that looked comfortable enough. At one point, they had a 94 percent chance of winning the game, according to that crazy ass chart that ESPN does. MLB teams trailing by 6+ runs entering the 7th inning had a record of 100-13,547 over the past 50 seasons.

The Dodgers were -1.5 on the run line and it looked like they could cruise to a win and that would be that. But the Padres ended up forcing 11 innings out of this game, scored seven unanswered runs, and walked out of LA with the series and a share of the series lead. 58 percent of all moneyline bets were placed on the Dodgers at -124. All in all, I pray to god we see these teams in the postseason, most likely in the NLDS if the Dodgers win the division and the Padres win the Wild Card. 

While it isn’t sports, the Oscars were on last night and they got plenty of attention in the betting world as they typically do. The Best Picture Odds were pretty boring as Nomadland took home the Academy Award after being favored at -670. I didn’t watch the movie, but anything with -670 odds to win an award must be pretty fucking good. 

The upset of the night was kind of a sad one. Chadwick Boseman (RIP) did not win the Best Actor after being favored at -1667. Instead, the winner was Anthony Hopkins for his role in The Father, and he was a +700 whale coming into the award show. 

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Might be sick in the head

This weekend bettors must be actually sick in the head after he wagered $10,000 on the Atlanta Hawks to win the NBA Finals. A win would make him $1.5 million but I think it is safe to say that this guy just enjoys throwing money away. Oh, and it gets worse, he also wagered another $10,000 on them to win the Eastern Conference which would win him $500,000. If you were curious, the Hawks are in fifth place and a full seven games out of first place. 

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Ok, now that I am done bashing that guy for putting a ridiculous wager on the Hawks, I am ready to put a sensible wager on the Hawks. They are taking on a Pistons team that has lost three-straight and failed to cover in two-straight and just aren’t very good as a whole right now. I am confident laying four points on the Hawks here, which seems much more reasonable than throwing down a bet with odds of 500-1. 

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