Joey Chestnut
Joey Chestnut pushed aside Rafeal Nadal, Margaret Court, Bill Russell, and Henri Richard for the most championship titles in a single event.

Hangover Monday: Joey GOAT Chestnut, July 5

My head is pounding and I’m not sure if it’s from the fireworks that went off until five in the morning here or if it’s from the bottle of whiskey I drank while watching my MLB bets not hit on Sunday. Either way, it is Monday, the hangover is real, and you are in the right spot to read about all things betting. 

I want to start this blog out with a big “fuck you” to the people over at ESPN. Yesterday was one of the most important day in all of sports, and they ruined it. Having their feed cut out while Joey Chestnut rammed 76 hotdogs down his throat in 10 minutes is a sin. This man has 14 Titles and is the absolute GOAT in all of sports in my book and ESPN took that away from us. I think the most un-American thing that has happened in the last year for this country was that moment right there. 

Chestnut pushed aside Rafeal Nadal, Margaret Court, Bill Russell, and Henri Richard for the most championship titles in a single event and no one watching on television was there to bear witness. Let’s just say there have been better ways to start off a Fourth of July Sunday than the travesty that we all experienced yesterday. Hot dog rant over. 

The Bucks are headed to the NBA Finals. I assumed this would be the case all along when they came  into this series against the Atlanta Hawks but shoutout to that young, scrappy team for giving them hell and going six games. We have to hope that Giannis is okay or else Phoenix will likely run away with this series. The Bucks have been very quiet about his injury and it would be a damn shame if the league’s top player isn’t able to appear in his first NBA Finals. 

Right now, the Suns are big favorites. Vegas has them winning the series at -165 while you can currently get the Bucks at +145. If you really want to back the Bucks, I would wait until after game one. They have struggled in the first game of each series in these playoffs and if they are without Giannis, you can likely get a much better price with a loss off the top. In Game One, the Suns are 5.5 point favorites. 

By the way, that Hawks bettor who bet all that money on Atlanta winning the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals is probably having the worst Hangover Monday of all-time right now. But…there was a Bucks bettor out there who threw down $950,000 on Bucks -500 for winning the Eastern Conference. After throwing down nearly a million, he netted $190,000. 

Tough Odds
The Chicago Cubs have not been all that fun to watch in 2021 and there is a likely chance that they could be sellers. The most apparent notion of this came as they led the Milwaukee Brewers 7-0 last week. Cubs bettors (+140) were likely jumping for joy until they allowed 15 unanswered runs and lost 15-7. It was a historic loss considering teams that led by 7 runs this season were 234-1 up until that point.


Full of Regret
Getting free money when starting at a new sportsbook is a godsend, but it doesn’t make it throw away cash. One bettor took a $500 prize and spent it on a parlay for the Bucks to win the East, the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl, and…..the Yankees to win the World Series. This guy already has 2/3 down but won’t hit that last one. It would’ve paid more than $26,000. 

Free Play
Alright, ya degens. For your free play on this July 5th, I am taking  the UNDER in the Cubs and Phillies game. The Under has hit in 4 of the last five Cubs games and over the last the last three games, the Phillies have managed just nine runs total.

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