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Hangover: Floyd and Logan Wasted My Time, June 7th

Well that was an interesting weekend, huh? There were more bizarre things that went down on Saturday and Sunday than I can count but all I really can say for certain is that the 30 minutes of my life that I watched Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight can never be returned to me. 

The fight that was ruled an exhibition was practically useless to all bettors. Because there were no judges, there could be no winner unless there was a knockout. Floyd isn’t really a knockout kind of a guy and you are just absolutely tripping if you thought that Paul was going to put Money Mayweather on his ass. 

So if you placed a straight bet on the two fighters, you basically pushed. But because this was an exhibition fight that was not sanctioned by the Florida boxing commission, no legal sportsbooks were allowed to even offer props on this fight. So truly, the only two people who won a damn thing are the guys who practically wrestled with their necks the whole damn time. 

And while all of that was absolutely weird as hell, maybe the weirdest thing was the fact that Jon Rahm bettors should be sitting pretty this morning but rather are dealing with heartbreak as he was suspended after Saturday’s round with a six-stroke lead at the Memorial tournament. A positive COVID-19 test came back and the officials literally broke the news to him as he was walking off the green on number 18. Rahm was actually the favorite to win the tournament but was still a +900 wager that many could have cashed in on. That is lost money right down the drain because you know that the books were not refunding any money. 

The Big Losers
Are Mavs series bettors and Sixers game one bettors. Oh, and if you are wondering, I am both of those things. I took the Mavs series price at +350 before game one and I really thought that was money I could have spent after game two with a 2-0 series lead. The Mavs were eventually up 3-2 and were unable to close out the Clippers who miraculously were able to advance to round two where they will play the Jazz. 

For the Sixers, Doc Rivers is absolutely to blame in game one. They came in as 4.5 point favorites but Doc allowed Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to sit for a stretch during the first half that allowed Philly to go down 74-54. 

Lebron Got Cash App?
That is one what bettor is probably asking after he took the Lakers to win round one against the Suns with a massive $335,000 wager that he got at -335. That bet would have won him $104,000 and he took the risk. If you are the guy who bets that much on a Lebron series and then he gets eliminated in round one for the first time ever, maybe don’t do that anymore


Super Bowl Odds
Are getting better for the Tennessee Titans after pulling off a trade with the Falcons that saw them relinquish just a second round pick for future Hall of Famer Julio Jones. This already seems like a steal as big as the Deandre Hopkins trade that the Cardinals made last season. Julio is now teamed up with Derrick Henry and AJ Brown. The Titans’ Super Bowl odds before the trade were 40-1 and after the trade are now 25-1. 

Robot Umps
Is probably going to be written 1000 times over again in a letter written from the New York Yankees to the MLB’s league office. A blown third-strike call sent their Sunday night game against the Boston Red Sox to extra innings where the Sox completed a comeback and scored two in the 10th. They swept the Yankees in New York for the first time in 10 years. 

Free Play
Bucks/Nets OVER 236
The shooting was absolutely atrocious in game one but had both teams just made the average amount of shots they typically make, this game would have combined for more than 250. With James Harden out, the Nets will play much quicker and this game seems like it’ll be a shootout.

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