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Hangover Monday, Mar. 8

After this weekend of action, I am feeling more torqued than one of Bryson Dechambeau’s drives off the sixth tee at Bay Hill. It was a packed weekend without plenty going on and if I’m being honest I actually won more money on the online casinos than I did on the sportsbook, but that’s what happens when you bet the under in the Iowa/Wisconsin game and the refs just do what they want. 

The All-Star game was meh. Kevin Durant was a captain who didn’t play, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons were ruled out the morning of the game because of contact tracing and the dunk contest was maybe rigged. In the end, Team Lebron, a three-point favorite, cruised to a massive 20-point victory. Once Team KD lost some of its key players, it felt clear that Team Lebron was the move. It just would’ve been nice if the info had come before Sunday morning. 

Giannis cruised his way to the MVP trophy. He was a perfect 16 of 16 with 35 points. If I’m a Bucks fan, I might be throwing hands with this guy. He looks like a rip-off Harlem Globetrotter every postseason but just dominates the NBA in the regular season and All-Star games, it makes no sense. He was a +500 to win the award so he made some people very happy. 

College basketball had one hell of a weekend. With regular season finales going down and tournament play happening, it was a fun weekend that felt like a great glimpse of March Madness. By the way, I will be calling out of work, keeping the Dominos man on speed dial, and attempting to buy booze anywhere a bum will give it to me in Texas next Sunday for the NCAA Selection Show.

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The best finish of the weekend came from Houston. The 9th ranked team in the country finished their season off against Memphis. It was a +10 Memphis spread which they covered easily but if you had that Memphis moneyline….god bless. With the game tied at 64 and .4 seconds left, the Cougs put up a hail mary just passed half court. It looked like this thing was going to OT but the shooter literally called game with the ball in the air and drilled it. Maybe the worst part for some if that the O/U was set at 134.5 and an overtime period would have pushed that. 

Cheap Shots of Cheap Shots: 

Petr Yan really screwed UFC bettors on Saturday night. Entering with a 15-1 record, he was receiving 58 percent of the betting handle. Aljamain Sterling was his opponent and was closed to getting knocked out while he was down on his knees. Sterling was as helpless as a dude after receiving a “who is she” text from his girlfriend, but then Yan threw an illegal knee at his head. It was nasty and it got him DQ’d. This rarely happens and so a +650 DQ odds became the winner of the night. 


This may be my favorite part of the NBA Weekend. The Detroit Pistons were unable to trade Blake Griffin so they outright released him and he signed with the Brooklyn Nets. For some reason, everyone thinks the Nets are getting Lob-City prime Blake Griffin and not horrendous shooter/liable defense Blake Griffin. After the Nets signed him, SportsLine released new odds for the Nets season. Their division odds went down over 5%, their Eastern Conference odds went down over two percent, and their NBA Finals odds went down over two percent. 

The Bad Beat

I think you’d have to be mental to take an UNDER in the All-Star game, but you were really unlucky if you took it this year. The total was set at 319 this year which is pretty low scoring and none of these guys actually gave a shit about this game so I get it. In the 4th, the score was 167 to 150 and Team Lebron’s “target score” to win was 170. That is like a slow and miserable death. Under bettors knew they had no chance of the bet hitting but still had to sit there and watch Dame Lillard pull up from the parking lot. 

Free Play: 

Here ya go, degenerates. There is practically nothing going on with CBB taking a day break essentially and no NBA. The one college game we do have going is Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers vs Cleveland State Vikings. I have literally never heard of these two teams, but the stats are telling us to take the OVER. It is set at 140, the Panthers have hit in their last nine and the Vikings have hit in eight of nine. I don’t know em, I won’t watch em, but I will bet em.

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