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Guide to Betting on the NBA Playoffs, July 8, 2020

NBA playoff betting has gained major popularity over the recent years, and with the NBA playoffs soon upon us, gamblers are looking for any way to gain an edge. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the most popular NBA playoff bets, and give some insight into how you can gain your edge and have a profitable NBA playoff series.

What to look for when betting on the NBA playoffs

The first thing you want to consider is what legal sportsbooks offer the best bonus’s and promo codes for the playoffs. To do this effectively, you should start by checking out Sports Gambling Guides Best Books page – we’ll give you an insider’s look into which sportsbooks are offering the best running promotions, and help you decide where you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

The second thing you want to consider is what type of NBA playoff bets you are looking to make. Some may be interested in futures wagers, other in series bets, others in prop bets. Different sportsbooks will offer better lines for different wager types, and it will serve you well to take some time reviewing our Live Odds page to decide which sportsbook offers the best odds for your wager preference.

The third thing you want to consider is what are the most popular NBA playoff bets available. With playoff betting increasing dramatically in recent years, sportsbooks are now offering more bets than ever – some of which include:

  • Individual Game Betting
  • Series Betting
  • Series Total Games Betting
  • NBA Live Betting
  • Player Props
  • Team Props
  • Futures Betting

To see a complete list of the available bets offered by legal sportsbooks, check out our Best Books page.

Tips for Betting on The NBA Playoffs

1. Bankroll Management

The betting opportunities during the playoffs are virtually endless, but this doesn’t mean that you must bet more often or bet higher amounts than you normally would. Understand going in what your total bankroll is – and figure out what your standard bet should be before you dive into all the gambling options available.

2. Favor going against the public money

The NBA playoffs brings in a new round of gamblers every year. People that normally wouldn’t gamble during the regular season flock to take action on the playoffs for their enjoyment. This isn’t the sharp money, and this money tends to lean with the public perception of the most popular teams in the NBA. Odds makers know this, and they will purposely shade lines a little worse than they should be on popular teams. Sports Gambling Guides recommends that you look at our Live Odds page to see where the public money is going – and bet against it.

3. Consider NBA Prop Bets

Sportsbooks offer thousands of prop bets on the playoffs, many of which little research was put into. These bets are unique and taking the time to look into our Sports Gambling Datamay give you an edge on a few flawed prop bet lines.

4. Understand That Upsets Will Happen

Everyone remembers the super teams that won championships of the past. But what they tend to forget is the multiple loses that took place on the road to their victories. The Golden State Warriors may have dominated their road to the championship in the 2016 season – but what people don’t remember is that the Oklahoma City Thunder took them to 7 games in the Western Conference Finals. Championship caliber teams seem to always get the job done, but game to game they are always vulnerable for an upset. The high money line odds on underdogs seems like a sucker’s bet, but upsets will happen in the playoffs, and a few +300 scores can make or break your playoff gambling success.

When will the NBA Playoffs Take Place?

With the Covid-19 pandemic suspending the NBA season indefinitely, no start date has been set for the NBA playoffs, as of yet. This being said, league officials are hinting at an early to mid-July return. These rumors would set up a mid-summer NBA playoffs. For immediate updates on all information regarding the return of the NBA playoffs – sign up for our newsletter and always stay in the loop.

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