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Degens Only: Wednesday Plays, June 9th

Is baseball about to change as we know it? I mean it certainly looking like some of these pitchers might be doomed. Gerrit Cole was basically left speechless after he was asked if he had ever used the substance in question, “Spider Tack.” After stuttering over his words and not actually denying that he did use the substance, he simply stated that “Some things have been passed down from older players to younger players.” In a new rule that is quickly being pushed through by MLB, pitchers are subject to random searches for illegal substances throughout the game by umpires. Likely a pitcher can expect to be inspected two times throughout their time in the game. It will be interesting to see how this is conducted and how it affects the speed of the game as MLB has taken many steps in great lengths to speed up their games in order to retain their audience. This could spell the end for the strikeout pitcher as we know it. You know what still moves forward substance or no substance? Today’s top plays, so let’s jump in.

Over the Sun: Suns/Nuggets Over 222
Let this sink in; the Suns beat the Nuggets by 17 with Mikal Bridges leading the team in scoring with only 23 points. It shows these guys are locked in as a team and it shows that they can dominate without Booker and Chris Paul leading the way, which is a scary thought. The difference in this game was the fouls. The Suns played an almost perfect game, only sending the Nuggets to the line six times while going to the line 20 times themselves. As far as field goals go, these teams were almost identical with the Suns making three more two-point shots and one more three. Now, defense is not going to be too big of a story in this series there is far too much offense to be stopped and with the fouls likely evening out this one should go over this total.  Take the over 222.

Yu Who: Cubs Team Total Over 3.5
Yes, Darvish has been a stud this year and everything that the Padres hoped he would be when they got him from these Cubs. That’s the thing though, who knows Darvish more than these Cubs? There won’t be any surprises in this one instead it will be a test to determine who can outperform the other – Cubs hitters, or Darvish. The Cubs have been one of the league’s best teams over the past month and these teams will meet for their sixth game of the season.  I feel it is important to note even though the Padres are considered to have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, the Cubs have scored at least four runs in all five games that the two teams have played so far. The trend continues here take the Cubs team total over 3.5.

Failed Launch 2.0: Astros/Red Sox under 9.5
Weird how these things work sometimes, huh? Two of the league’s top offenses and they can’t get over this total. The problem between these two teams who are 1-4 to the under in games played this season is Boston can’t score against Houston. The Red Sox have scored only one run in three of the games, two runs in one game, and five runs in another. Not too much beyond this season has much bearing on this pick, but just for some info the over/under between these two teams is 1-10 over the past three seasons. Join the 90% and take the under 9.5.

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Lonely Road: Rays ML
There has been a theme with Corbin for a few years now and that he is a completely different pitcher on the road and not in a good way. This season is no different; Corbin is 0-3 with over a seven run ERA. He will start on the road against arguably the hottest team in baseball in the Rays. It’s safe to say this one will probably not end well for Corbin and the Nats. The team is averaging just over three runs per game going against one of the best bullpens in the game. Get your popcorn and enjoy what should be an easy one. Take the Rays ML.

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