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Degens Only: Wednesday Plays, June 16

With the new crackdown rules coming for pitchers next week, we have already seen our first injury related to the new crackdown before it has even begun. Tyler Glasnow the Rays ace is out for the foreseeable future with a partially torn UCL that he blames on adjustments he made in anticipation with the new rules. In a four-minute rant, Glasnow describes how he had to change most of the grips on his pitches now that he was not using a foreign substance. The substance of choice by Glasnow may catch you by surprise, but the pitcher said he would use sunscreen to help him get a better grip. He also stated that MLB needs to give guys time to adjust or there will be more injuries like his. With the crackdown looming, it will be interesting to see if more guys sound off with injury concern…some roll the dice and get punished or if pitchers will get hit way more or how much walks will increase. Keep an eye on your overs in about two weeks. No substances needed here with today’s top plays.

 No Love Here: Philly team total over 115
We all saw it, Philly cruising to a game four win to take a dominant 3-1 lead in this series. Except Embiid went 0-12 from the floor in the second half and everything fell apart for Philly. It’s amazing that one guy can dictate the entire game flow for them, but it’s true, if Embiid is out or plays bad, the Sixers are done. So the question becomes how far can the big man take them? They were a dominate home team and have lit up the Hawks on the scoreboard barring a terrible performance by the man that dictates if they win or lose. Chances are we don’t see another bad game out of Embiid.  Flat out, Philly can’t afford him to play bad. Embiid knows he let his team down and his performance let the Hawks back in the game and ultimately get the win. Look for Embiid to go off in this game on Philly home court. You never know what the Hawks are going to bring to the table and the six points is more than my liking so with backing Embiid to go off, I think the Sixers find their way to the hoop a lot here and put up some buckets like they have don’t the whole series. Take the Sixers team total over 115.

Closing Act: Jazz-Sixers ML Parlay (-130)
Kawhi out and the Sixers at home is all you need to know. Clearly, Utah likes playing on their home court and after the day off and coming back home expect the Jazz to make the necessary adjustments to quiet the terminator and save their season. Utah averaged about 10 points more in the first two games on their home floor, while the Clippers averaged 15 points less on the road. No doubt the Jazz would love to close this series out in game six on their home floor and that starts with securing the win here in game five against a Kawhi-less Clippers. Expect Embiid to bounce back at home against the Hawks and sit back and watch this bet cash. Parlay the Jazz and the Sixers on the Money Line.


No Red Birds Here: Cardinals F5 Team Total under 2.5
You know the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Same applies here the Cardinals failed to score even a run in the first five yesterday against Rodgers and they get another tough pitcher today in Alcantara. The red birds are in a serious slump and these tough Marlins pitchers are not the ones likely to allow them to end it. For that and the same reasons outlines in yesterday’s article were taking Cardinals F5 team total under 2.5.

Poisonless Diamondbacks: Giants F5 -.5
Last night’s game is currently being played as this is being written, but coming into that game the D-backs have lost 20 straight road games and no that’s not a typo, it’s really 20. Even if they were to pull out a win, I still have next to no faith that they can continually win games on the road or in general. DeSclafani has been one of the top pitchers for the Giants, and is a big reason they have the second best F5 record in the league. Kelly has been a dumpster fire for the D-backs and will continue to struggle on the road against these Giants. Take the obvious choice here with the Giants F5 -.5.

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