Eric Hosmer - Padres
Eric Hosmer | Padres

Degens Only: Wednesday Plays, July 7

Don’t mind me. Just finished counting the winnings from last night’s 4-0 sweep. As we recap, if you watched game one of the NBA finals you saw why the Suns are the most complete team in the NBA. Everyone seems to know their role and has no issue fulfilling it. Heading to the Diamond, the Cubs offense decided to show up but their pitching did not as they surrendered 15 runs to the Phillies and were never really in the game. The Orioles and Blue Jays flew over the RHE total just like they have all season. Lastly the race for the AL west was dominated by offense yet again as the Astros got the over by themselves with the A’s adding another six runs for good measure. There is no reason to stop these trends and today were going to continue to ride all of them as they each have a good chance of cashing yet again.

C’Mon Corbin: Padres Team Total over 4.5
Since there is no NBA tonight, this is the one MLB trend we are going to add for today. Corbin is on the hill for the Nats and he has been terrible on the road. Corbin comes into this game 0-4 with a 6.5 ERA allowing opponents to hit .283 off him in his road starts. This Padres team has a scary lineup and they have been heating up coming into this game. The Padres have gone over this total in three straight games and two of those have been against Washington, as the Padres have scored 23 runs in their past three games. With Corbin’s road struggles the offense of the Padres should continue to surge. Take the Padres team total over 4.5.


Take Flight part 2: Blue Jays/ Orioles RHE over 27.5
These two teams had no issues going over yesterday’s total, and in case you missed it, here is a recap of the trend and why they will go over today’s total as well. These two teams have already met seven times this season so they are not strangers. As the weather gets warmer up north the ball will continue to be hit hard in the small parks. The Blue Jays remain one of the league’s top offenses scoring right around five runs at home. The Orioles remain one of the leagues bottoms teams, but have seen a rise in their offense, scoring four or more runs in seven of their last 10 games. All seven games that these two teams have played this season have gone over this total for RHE. With more warm weather on tap and a bad bullpen in the Orioles and a top offense in the Blue Jays, there should be no issues with this one becoming the eight game to go over this total. Play the over on the 27.5 RHE.

Battle out West part 2: A’s/Astros over 8.5
A little surprised that this total didn’t go to at least nine but I’ll certainly take it as these offenses won’t be slowing down and if you missed yesterday keep reading to see why. These two teams have been neck and neck in the AL west almost all season and with Houston currently with a three game lead.  A sweep here could put them in a commanding position heading into the break. The real trend with these two teams is runs. They have played 10 times before tonight’s game and all of those games have reached eight runs or more. These teams have been battling for the top spot in the West for the last few seasons and know how important each game against each other is. Even with the level of pitching that each team has, runs are still going to come in bunches. This game should be no different take the over 8.5 runs.

The Fanatic Returns: Phillies ML
If I were to ask “Who leads the MLB in strikeouts?” I doubt a lot of people would say Zach Wheeler, but that is the case he tops the list with 139 K’s. Things just went from bad to worse for the Cubs here their offense has struggled and now they get the league leader in strikeout’s, que the 12th straight loss.

The Cubs are imploding rapidly. Their offense is not able to generate any runs and has ultimately lost 10 straight games. Now in baseball the one thing you never want to do is bet against a streak, so were going to continue to ride this one here. Teams on a slump like this that can see the All Star break get what they call turtle syndrome. That is where the team just goes inside the shell and just kind of coasts and doesn’t want to play their just trying to get to the break. That is what we are seeing out of the Cubs right now in all phases of the game. Sorry to say Cubs fans, but if they come out of the break and things don’t go well in the beginning it could be a long second half as well. Take the Phillies with Wheeler pitching on the ML.

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