Degens Only: Tuesday Plays, May 4

Well Logan Paul’s attempt to one up his brother is now confirmed. He will fight the boxing king Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match. It’s reported that Floyd will pocket a cool 100 mil from the glorified sparing match that he will undoubtedly win, but hey credit to Logan for actually stepping into the ring with actual fighters. It’s doubtful anyone gets knocked out in this fight and if anyone does it will be Logan probably because he tried to do something stupid and Floyd turned it on in two seconds and put him on the canvas but it should at least be somewhat entertaining. Seeing as he lost his first two fights Logan had to come with a big name to draw views and he came with the biggest name of them all. You know what else you should tune in for? Today’s plays let’s get into them.

Low Flying Bird: Cards/Mets under 7

It’s no secret that for whatever reason the Mets just don’t score runs very often for DeGrom. Maybe they think that he doesn’t need them, who knows? This year is no different in two of his five starts they have been shut out and in all five combined they have managed to put up six runs in the first five innings. With the Mets struggling lately and the Cardinals surging now would be the perfect time to show your ace some run support, but honestly that seems unlikely. If any scoring is going to be done in this one it’s going to be done later against the bullpens by then it will be too late for this one to go over. All but one of DeGrom’s five starts has gone under this total and the one that did go over only went over by one run. Take the under.

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Money Sox: White Sox ML

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Hoffman is too bad of a pitcher, but I think people put a little too much stock into guys that have early success. Just like Rogers in Miami, granted he did not have a terrible game the writing was on the wall he was going to get hit a little. The same is coming across with Hoffman here his Xfip is 4.69 while his ERA is 3.33 suggesting that he has gotten lucky more than he has been good this season.  With a team like the White Sox who have a solid lineup from top to bottom this could be the spot where Hoffman gets hit around a little. At the very least the Sox have been playing solid ball lately where the Reds have cooled from their hot start and I think they continue to struggle here. Take the White Sox ML.

Houston we have Liftoff: Astros f5 +.5

I know the Yankees have sort of realized that their playing baseball lately and have strung some wins together but I can’t put my faith behind German just yet. I have confidence by the end of the season he will be back to where he was before the suspension but for right now he is borderline batting practice. He had his best outing last game, but it was against the Orioles…no more explanation needed there, this time around he gets a solid lineup with the Astros. Not only is he facing better hitters, but you can grab the free insurance here with the +.5 it’s too good to pass up. Greinke has held the Yankees in check for his career holding them to a .258 avg. With a good arm going for Houston and too much ground for German to make up and the free half run its too much not to take Houston here. Take the Astros F5 +.5.

Pounding Padres: Padres Team Total Over

Just make a mental note whenever you see Mitch Keller pitching for the foreseeable future bet the other teams total over. He has only made it to the fifth inning in two of his five starts and has surrendered 17 runs across his five starts and with a lineup as good as the Padres there is a good chance he gets beaten up again in this game. That coupled with the up and down Pirates pen the Padres should have no issues scoring here. Take the Padres Team Total Over.  

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