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Degens Only: Tuesday Plays, May 25

It’s official, there is a superstar wide receiver on the loose. Following Julio Jones comments that he is out of Atlanta, there seems to be no way that he will suit up as a Falcon this season. The question now becomes what Atlanta can get for him and where will he will land. In my mind, Jones is the clear bargaining chip in a rebuild that will have Matt Ryan wasting any part of his career that he has left, but to me Jones should deliver nothing less than multiple picks and one of them being a first rounder. There have been a handful of teams already linked to Jones, but I’m sure Atlanta will send him to whoever will cough up the most for Jones. The Browns would be the most entertaining fit; could you imagine an offense with Jones, Beckham, Landry, Hunt, and Chubb?  I mean good luck stopping any of that. You know what needs no good luck though? Today’s plays. Let’s jump into today’s top four picks.

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Boston Tea Party: Celtics +9.5
Okay, I’m the first to say that the Nets are a better team than the Celtics, but to give a team who is already down  1-0, with playoff experienced coaches and staff is a bit rich for my blood. This seems like a little bit of an over correction as I don’t think any playoff team can consistently beat another playoff team by 10+ points. Remember in game one the Celtics were taking it to the Nets by halftime and lead by six going into the half. Good coaching and adjustments lead to a dominant second half by Brooklyn. So it’s not that the Celtics lack the skills, its now on Brad Stevens to review the film and see how Brooklyn adjusted to what worked in the first half of that game, and now adjust himself. I think the Celtics make enough adjustments to stay within 10 points tonight. Take the Celtics +9.5

Be Brave: Braves ML
This one is like the equivalent of a heavy weight fight. These top flight offenses are going to go at it and we could see some fireworks in this one considering who is on the mound tonight. Atlanta sends Charlie Morton, who is clearly not the same guy we saw clutch down the stretch with Tampa. It has been a rough month for the former all-star, but he seems to be coming out of it as he has improved over each of his last three starts, and only allowed one run in his last outing. He will need to continue his resurgence to keep the Braves in this one. This brings us to Garrett Richards one of my favorite fade targets, although he himself has had a better month. The thing about Richards is that he still walks a good amount of guys and he throws a lot of obvious strikes and relies heavily on a decent fastball to get ahead or when he is in trouble. This can be real trouble when facing a good hitting team like this Braves team. My money is behind Morton continuing his good run than Richards.  Take the Braves ML.

Tropicana to the Moon: Rays/Royals over 8.5
The Rays have been lighting up the scoreboard lately, in fact over the last 10 games they have scored 86 runs. The Royals have finally snapped their terrible play streak and have been playing some decent ball of late and have been putting up a fair amount of runs themselves. I could be falling for this one hook line and sinker, but 8.5? I don’t get this line and am going to hit it before it changes. With Keller and Hill scheduled to go in this one 8.5 seems surprisingly low considering how these teams have been playing. Keller’s worst outing of the season was against these Rays back in April and so far he has let up multiple runs in each start this month. One of Hill’s worst starts came at the hands of these Royals, although this month he has essentially been untouchable; everything eventually evens out and the way Tampa has been hitting the Royals may only need a couple of runs to make this one go over. Take the over 8.5.

The Return of deGrom: deGrom over 9k’s
We’re going to end with a fun prop play for today, taking the man, the myth, the legend…deGrom to get over 9k’s. Before his injury this guy was unhittable…plain and simple. He averaged 14k per nine this season. This one is a little more of a gamble and this line is where it is only because of his return and the unknowing of how long he can go. I think it will be up to him since the Mets have likely cleared him and would not let him anywhere near a mound if he was not 100%. I think he returns and goes his usual 6+ innings where he was averaging 14ks per nine innings I don’t think he should have an issue getting 9 against an offense as poor as the Rockies. Take deGrom over 9k’s.

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