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Degens Only: Tuesday Plays, June 8th

As we touched on the other day, a lot of strange things have been happening lately. Pro boxers are now boxing pro entertainers, teams are trading all time leaders in their respected positions for next to nothing, and D Wade is hosting some crappy reality TV show that takes place in a cube. We’re over the eight rounds of hugs and the shock of Julio going to a run first offense (Titans overs should be a solid play to start the season & don’t forget they still don’t have a defense.) Things go on as the NBA playoffs move forward without Lebron, the MLB season nears its halfway point, and the NHL playoffs are heating up. Two things are for certain though, the Joker deserves this year’s MVP award hands down; no Batman is coming to save the day on this one and if he doesn’t win it that will be the true crime. Second, it’s time for today’s top plays as we continue on through one of the best times of the year for sports.

Same Old Song and Dance: Jazz -3
A little disrespect to the Utah Jazz in this opening line. Here you have a team in the Clippers that… well.. we’re just going to call it what it is at this point, they tanked the last two games of the season.  I’m sticking with this Jazz team.  They are playing with something to prove, and the chip on their shoulder continues to grow as the playoffs continue. Looking at these two teams, sure the Jazz had the easier matchup in round one, but its more about this Clippers team that almost got eliminated by the team that they lost on purpose to face. The Jazz are a way more complete team than the Mavericks and certainly will be motivated to jump out to an early lead in this series. With the Clippers just going a full seven games with the Mavs, they have more to get together before their ready to deal with this Jazz squad. Give me the small line and the Jazz.  Jazz -3.

Fly like a Hawk: Hawks +5
Listen, I don’t agree with Steven A. Smith often, but he is on to something when he said if the Sixers go down by two games, this series is close to being done. Embiid clearly is not all there and no one can expect him to be, but everyone underestimates this Hawks team, and without a fully effective Embiid, the Sixers are in some trouble. Young is going to pile up his points and from what we have seen, the Sixers are not tough enough on defense to stop all of the talent that the Hawks possess. By the large lead in game one it’s obvious that the Hawks came into this series with a game plan and they were able to execute it. With Young firing on all cylinders and a hobbled Embiid the burden is on the Sixers to adjust and figure out how to stop this Hawks team before it’s too late. If the Sixers come out flat this one could be another game of catchup for Philly. Take the Hawks +5.

Battle in Boston: Red Sox/Astros Under 9.5 Yeah, I know, not what you were thinking, but let me talk to you here for a minute. Yes, it is true, this Astros team has had their way against Perez hitting over .300 over 140 at bats, and yes, they are the second best team at hitting lefties, but this is the 2021 Perez a guy who has allowed over two runs in only four of his starts this season, and two of them only scored three runs and none of them were these Astros. In fact these two just faced off with Perez going 7 2/3 and only allowing six hits and no runs. Now I know your saying what about Boston? Let’s look at last week when they faced Valdez. Valdez also went seven strong and sat down 10 Red Sox hitters and only allowed one run. Now I’m not expecting a repeat of these performances, but I am expecting similar performances that will help keep this game under the posted total. Red Sox/ Astros under 9.5.

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Free Brew: Reds ML
Before you raise that eyebrow at this pick, let me explain. One of the things I like to look at when teams have been playing good or bad is the caliber of team they are beating or losing to. For the Brewers, it’s been the complete bottom of the barrel that has allowed them to get a significant amount of their wins, playing teams like the Diamondbacks and Tigers. For the Reds, they just swept the Cardinals in a four game series on the road; you can see who has more quality wins.  Since the start of May, the Reds rank third in the league against RHP, where the Brewers rank second to last only hitting .210. The Reds have slaughtered Houser in his career, hitting .379 against him over 68 at bats. Gray has not been quite himself this season but he does have solid numbers against these Brewers in his career, only allowing a .223 avg over 109 at bats. Take the Reds to continue playing well with the better numbers in this situation. Reds ML.

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