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Degens Only: Tuesday Plays, June 15

A few weeks ago, we touched on a story about horse racing great Bob Baffert and how he was suspended from racing any of his horses in New York.  This was due to a failed steroid test by one of his horses that Baffert claims was due to an ointment used to treat a skin condition that contained a banned substance. Baffert was in federal court Monday to open a lawsuit to attempt to get the ban lifted claiming that he had no prior warning of a failed test for his horse and that the ban would likely put him out of business in New York if his horses are transferred to other owners. Baffert was suspended from running any horses in the Kentucky Derby for the next two years earlier this month due to this year’s winner Medina Spirit testing positive for banned substances. It’s a long shot at this point for Baffert as this becomes his fifth violation in the last 13 months. You know what’s not a long shot? Today’s plays let’s get to the action.

Fear the Deer: Bucks -3

The Bucks come into this game winning back-to-back games on their home court. They come back to Brooklyn where they were embarrassed the first two games of this series, but this is a whole new look Nets team now. Now, there is only one, you wanted the chance KD, now you got it; show up or show out. Now don’t get me wrong, injury isn’t the way a guy wants to prove he’s the man, but this is the playoffs, and this is where we’re at. The Bucks are on too much of a roll, the Nets were not expecting any of this not that anyone could or would want to anticipate injury at the worst possible time, but for the Bucks to be favorites at a place where they got blown out in games one and two speaks a little bit to how this series is turning. Everything is falling apart too quickly for first year coach Steve Nash and his Nets.  Maybe they’re able to get it together before it’s too late, but it’s not in game three. Take the Bucks -3.


Low Flying Jays: Blue Jays/ Yankees Under 8.5
This turns out to be basically a home game for each team, as the Blue Jays are playing their home games out of New York. Looking at the games played by these two teams so far this season, there has been one trend that has stuck out the most, and that is you guessed it… the under. Games between these two teams have gone 7-2 when it comes to finishing under the projected total for a 77% under to 22% over split. Both pitchers have seen the opposing lineup already this season and both came away with solid outings. Each starter is backed by solid bullpens that are boasting sub 3.75 ERA’s. Expect the unders to continue coming in.  Take the under 8.5.

Long Lost Luis: Brewers Team Total over 4.5
Luis Castillo has completely fallen off this year and its sad to see one of the better young pitchers in baseball reach such a low point, but we must capitalize on the opportunity. Castillo comes in with a 1-4 road record and a 7.22 ERA with a K/BB ratio of 23-10 and opponents are hitting .300 off him. He comes in facing a red-hot Brewers team that is 8-2 in their last 10 games and have scored over this posted total in nine of their 11 games so far this month. Look for Castillo to continue spiraling down and the Brewers to get their fair share of runs across.  Take the Brewers team total over 4.5.

Dead Red: Cardinals F5 team total under 2.5
Talk about a collapse lately. The Cardinals have been an awful 1-9 in their last 10 games. Today they get Rodgers who has put together a very solid season so far. The young Lefty has only allowed more than two runs in a game in two of his 13 starts this season.  The Cards have failed to eclipse this number in the first five in 11 of their last 14 games and get a guy who has only let teams eclipse this number two time all season. Don’t bet against the slump.  Take the Cardinals F5 under 2.5.

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