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Degens Only: Tuesday Plays, Feb 19

If you’re any kind of Tom Brady fan, then you know who “Rob Parker” is. If you don’t, take a few minutes and watch a few YouTube videos to catch yourself up to speed. Now if you have knowledge of who Rob Parker is, you can see that his argument really has no weight to it anymore, as he is pretty much left to spewing his own hard stance opinion to try and stay somewhat relevant. Who knows, maybe he just needs a better night’s sleep and “Mattress Mack” can hook him up after finally grabbing a massive “W.” I digress best of luck convincing anyone to believe your argument Rob, you’re going to need it. As we put a final bow on this past NFL season, we salute you Tom Brady the undeniable GOAT, and congratulations Tampa Bay, you are champions of the football world.

The following is going to be true for all sports, but where it is going to be the most interesting is going to be in college basketball. The NBA and NHL have been dealing with Covid-19 related issues stemming from last season, but college basketball has been thrust into long breaks that will have an unknown effect on the outcome of this year’s tournament. From my point of view, game cancelations have become more and more of a normal nightly occurrence. This March, it might not come down to how a team has been playing down the stretch, but whether or not a team is coming off a long break and how they can respond and come back into form. Beware my fellow degenerates this year’s bracket might be the toughest yet. As for tonight, let’s see who is in action tonight as we dive into Tuesday’s top three plays.   

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Winning in Winnipeg: Jets Money Line +115

Canada is way too cold for me this time of year, but that won’t stop us from heading up north for this matchup. The Jets have had their way in this matchup so far this season, as they lead the season series 3-1. In fact, nearly half of the Jets wins so far this season have come against Calgary. The Jets defense has been average so far, but what has put them in the top half of the league is their offense. The Jets have scored 3 or more goals in 9 of their 11 games. Now this has even more significance because over a third of their games have been played vs Calgary. Expect this game to be pretty close knowing three out of the four games played have been decided by one goal and two of them had to go into OT. Looking at the line movement so far 80% of the money has poured in on Calgary, yet Winnipeg has moved from +120 to +115 and Calgary -148 to -135, stay a winner inWinnipeg – take the Jets +115.

Kings Court: Sixers Team Total Under 118

I have said it for a few years now; this Sixers team is a completely different team on the road. I’m not sure if it’s because Embiid has nightmares and can’t sleep while he’s on the road, or if there are deeper issues. This year is no exception, Philly is the best home team at 11-2, but on the road, they’re a mortal 6-5. The scoring is noticeably different as Philly is scoring nine more points at home then on the road. Looking more closely at this matchup the Kings have come back to life in a fierce way. The Kings have won four straight and seven of their last eight, the loss was by one point against the Heat. Since their turnaround over the course of the last nine games the Kings have only allowed one team to go over tonight’s posted total. Look for the trends to continue and take the Sixers team total under 118.

Points for Portland: Blazers -5.5

There hasn’t been much ‘Magic’ from Orlando lately as everything seems to be falling apart for this Steve Clifford-led squad. After starting a promising season 4-0 they are an anemic 5-15. Scoring under 100 points in 10 games is not going to get you many victories in this league. Their defense has come completely unglued, in the last two weeks they have allowed teams to score 115+ in every game and they have scored over 108 only one time. Playing a Blazers team that we know has no problems putting up points this one could get away from them quick. Take the Blazers -5.5.

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