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Degens Only: Tuesday Edition, Mar. 2

It truly is the best time of year. NFL is in its free agency, MLB has begun, NBA is approaching the All-Star break, the NHL season is in full swing, and the greatest tournament in sports is a few weeks away from starting. I remember just about this time last year we started to see everything slowly get cancelled.  It was an ugly unknown world with no sports other than fixed Russian ping pong and overseas video games. As we embark on another memorable March, we have almost come full circle. I, for one, am glad it won’t be another March filled with cancellations, KBO, Russian ping pong, and Counter Strike.

So the MLB has concluded its second day of baseball and clearly that calls for some over reaction to what we have seen so far. There are a handful of teams that we know are just going to be bad this year, Rockies, Red Sox, Orioles, Pirates, Rangers, and Diamondbacks. Get your win total under bets in on these guys. Next, use spring training for observation on how new guys are getting acclimated to their new clubs. Watch their at bats, press conferences, and read articles on them. One team that usually goes out and spends big money underperforms, use spring training to make your assessments on which that team might be and look for your edge in win totals and other season long props where you can risk a small amount of your bankroll and still make a good profit.

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 Stars Don’t Shine Bright in Texas: Stars Team Total Under 2.5

The Lightning are probably the best team in hockey at the moment, and from their recent play, they show no signs of slowing down. The Lightings defense is like the ‘85 Bears on ice, it’s that good. In only five games so far this season have they allowed over two goals. These two teams had their first three games cancelled, but finally got one in and the result was as expected the Lightning shut Dallas out five to zero. Looking at highly dangerous goals scored the Stars are third worst in the league, so not converting the easy ones should spell trouble for them here against the league’s best defense. Lastly the goaltending of Vasilevskiy has been top notch, coming in with a 93% save percentage and almost a 13 goals saved above average stat line it’s going to be tough for the stars to light the lamp here. Dallas team total under 2.5

It’s Always Over in Oakland: Oakland/Youngstown St. Over 151.5

Stop me if you have heard this one before. The over for Oakland?  YES. These overs are more obvious then Lebron James’s flops. This will be the third game of the year between these teams and so far the over is 1-1. Looking at Oakland recently nine of their last ten games have gone over this posted total. In each of their last four games both teams have scored over 80 points. Youngstown St. has scored 70+ in all of their last 10 games. Seeing as neither of these teams care to play any defense and they both have pretty efficient offenses look for them to just try and outscore each other and watch the points pile up. Take the over 151.5

 Wright Bet on the Over: Wright St. / Milwaukee Over 151

This will be the third game between these teams; both games almost had the exact same score. Wright state put up 92 in both games against Milwaukee. When one team scores well above half of the whole total the over stands a good chance. Look for Wright State’s offense to continue doing most of the heavy lifting for the points scored and if they can get close to the 90+ points that they scored in the first two games. That would mean Milwaukee would only need around 60 or so points which is well below their season average of 75 and well below their 80+ points they scored a few weeks ago in their first two games. This one will also feature a lot of points grab the over 151.

Grizzly Defense: Memphis / Washington under 237

Call it Magic or finally finding their rhythm but the Washington Wizards are finally wining some basketball games. What’s also impressive is there doing it at a time where their playing more games than normal because they have to make up for canceled games. Washington will be playing their seventh game in 11 days. If you look at how their games have progressed you can see that the totals for the games have been on the decline and this game is no exception. Memphis can play good defense and they can also have their struggles from the field. Looking at their last six either them or their opponent has failed to reach 100 points. Now were not foolish we know this Wizards team couldn’t hold a high school team below 100 points so that’s not what we’re banking on here. Look for some tired legs to show in the Wizards shooting along with some decent Grizzlies defense and this total should be able to slide under. Take the under 237.

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