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Degens Only: Friday Plays, May 7

A true legend in the game of baseball fell yesterday as the Angles sent the future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols packing. That’s right, they DFA the 41 year old in the final year of his 10 year 240 million dollar contract. The Angels stuck it out as long as they could and props to them for doing so. It was clear Pujols was no longer an everyday player and had given way to some younger guys and was splitting his time on the field and his time on the bench. This does not necessarily spell the end of the line for Pujols.  He still has a strong want to play every day at first base, but if that will happen remains to be seen. He will most likely fit in with a club in the AL where he can settle into a DH role. The Royals and the White Sox are two of the first two teams that come to mind for him. Wherever he lands, Pujols looks to still help contribute and we look to contribute to your wallets so let’s get into today’s plays.

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Mighty Marlins: Marlins ML

We got into a little bit of detail on how Hoffman and Rodgers shared some of the same characteristics and why we were fading them. Well the results were both winners, but one was highly more successful than the other. Rodgers pitched well in the start considering he was going against the number one team facing lefties in the Nats and he only let up three runs in the loss. Hoffman had a tough task against the White Sox, but he got ran off the field and had his shortest outing of the season only lasting two innings. I like the fish in this one. I have never been a huge fan of the bullpen game and that’s what is on deck for the Brewers.  To me, it’s just a get through it type of approach and if we win great, and if not, we have the top of the rotation going tomorrow type of mindset. Usually you don’t see the top end bullpen guys in this one either and with a slumping team look for the slump to continue at least one more game while Rodgers continues to have a good start to his season. Take the Marlins ML.

Blast off: Astros/Jays over 9

The Astros and Blue Jays are very similar in the fact that their home games are both usually high scoring. Both the pitchers on today’s slate are no strangers to giving up runs either. Urquidy has let up at least two runs in each of his four starts this season and Stripling has let up multiple runs in each of his starts as well. With two explosive offenses, expect the runs to pile up in this one and go over the total. Take the over nine.

Back the Sox: White Sox F5 -.5

Till its disproven, I’m riding with Rodon till the wheels fall off. He has been an absolute stud this season, while his opposing pitcher has struggled. Keller has allowed multiple runs in all but one of his starts this season. Those numbers are not going to cut it against this lineup. The Royals bats have slowed down a little over the past few games, not good timing when facing a guy who is dominating everyone. I’m high on the Royals this season, but Rodon is on another planet right now, so there is no chance I can go against him with a team that has been in a mini slump. Take the White Sox F5 – .5.

Under the Sea: Rays/A’s under 8

If you’re a loyal reader of these articles, you should remember we attacked this angle before and it resulted in us cashing another ticket. Were back at it again and this time were in more of a pitchers friendly park to top it all off. These two teams no matter who the starters have been have played low scoring games in every game so far this season with the highest total being seven. With the pitching friendly field change I think we see more of the same in this one. Take the under 8.

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