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Degens Only: Friday Plays, May 21

It is finally back!!  Maybe the greatest sports craze in the last 30 years. That’s right, Tebow Mania has made its return. Tebow officially signed with the Jaguars as a tight end. Reports came out that the Jags passed on three guys whose natural position is tight end to sign Tebow. While it remains to be seen how first year coach Urban Meyer is going to use the former Heisman trophy winner, all I can say is, “I hope this was more of a football move rather than a publicity move like his baseball career.” Trevor Lawrence touchdown pass to Tim Tebow has a nice ring to it. You know what also has a nice ring to it? That sound of the money in your pocket from the plays earlier in the week. After a brutal push and two losses that should have never happened, we’re sitting at 5-2-1 on the week, so let’s finish the week strong with today’s top plays.

Warrior Mentality: Warriors -3.5

Rumor has it, the chip on Steph Curry’s shoulder grew 3 times the night of the Lakers game. Lebron ended up shooting a Curry-esque shot over him that would eventually be the game winner. After the Warriors had the defending champs on the ropes for the entire game, great players do what great players do, and that is find a way to win. Meanwhile, Ja Morant and the Grizzlies were cruising along and dominating the Spurs and at points had a double-digit lead only to see it all almost come crashing down. That effort won’t cut it in this game from the Grizzlies, even though they came up just short there won’t be any Lebron in this game to take it over. The Warriors want this way more than Memphis does and that will show on the court tonight.  Take the Warriors -3.5

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Back the Crew: Brewers ML

These two teams are headed in the same direction which is slowly spiraling down the standings. What was once their greatest strength in their offenses, is no more. The pitching has dried up, but Houser has been serviceable over his last few starts, whereas Hoffman has seen the wheels start to fall off. Hoffman’s last three starts he has seen the number of runs he has allowed continually increase, while Houser has kept it to a minimum. With both teams struggling to put up runs, I side with the better pitcher in this one and that is Houser.  Take the Brewers ML.

Join the Tribe: Indians ML

Much to my surprise, the Indians have been decent so far this season. After losing their biggest offensive bat and a lot of their all-star caliber pitchers, I figured they would fall apart, so kudos to you Terry Francona. I like McKenzie in this spot, the Twins are a mess of a team who can’t get out of their own way and I think the young hard throwing right hander can have success against them. Cleveland needs to win the easy games to have a chance of keeping up with the White Sox and with the Twins halfway mailing the season in already I think that is what happens in this one. The Twins have less wins than the Orioles, Nationals, Pirates, and Rangers all of which were expected to have down years, but the Twins were projected to be an 85 win team. Until they figure it out I’m fading all the way. Take the Indians ML.

LA VS LA: Oakland ML

For the life of me, I can’t see why this line has dropped for the A’s. Trout is out for months and you have one of your worst pitchers going against a solid team. The A’s have been great on the road as well going 12-6 so far away from the coliseum. After dropping two games to their division rival Astros, I expect Oaklands pitching to pick back up where it left off before that series. Their offense should be able to get enough runs off of Quintana who has been wildly inconsistent. Kapielian gets the nod for Oakland after being called up and going into Fenway and allowing only one run to the leading offense in the big leagues; he now sets his sights on the Troutless Angels. I think Kapielain has another solid performance and the A’s are able to win this one by a couple. Take Oakland while the line is low.   

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