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Degens Only: Friday Plays, May 14

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Back the Bo Sox: Red Sox ML

The Sox were finally able to get to Oakland’s pitching last night and notch a win after a small skid. Today, they welcome another team from California in the Angels. A spot that I have seen that has done well over time is fading the West Coast team in their first game on the East Coast. The long travel and the time difference usually takes at least a day to get used to. The pitching matchup is in the Sox favor in this one as well. Pivetta has had a full resurgence and stands at 5-0 with an ERA just over three. The Angels will send Canning to the hill who definitely had an April to forget, and has settled down nicely in his first two starts in May. If we look at his first start where he pitched against an East Coast team, he went five innings and let up four runs. With the Sox breaking through and how dangerous they have been this year, in this spot I have to go with the Sox. Take the Red Sox ML.

More Sox: White Sox ML game 1

I’m sorry, but it’s really hard to watch the Royals play baseball right now. They have lost 11 straight games and were just swept by the Tigers of all teams. So a double header against one of the league’s best teams & against one of the best young pitchers in the league is definitely not a recipe for success for the Royals. It will certainly not help their cause that they are sending Keller to the mound in this one who has been getting hit all season long, and that won’t stop in this one. Take the White Sox ML.

Little Giants: Giants F5 -.5

If you have been keeping track, like I have for no good reason at all, you would have noticed the sudden increase in F5 overs for this Giants team as they have finally started to hit. This marks good news in today’s matchup as this seasons surprise in Gausman takes the hill and looks to remain undefeated against an inconsistent Pirates team.  Tyler Anderson will try to stop this Giants attack, but he has given up multiple runs in all his stars but two. Against Gausman who has only surrendered more than one run in one of his starts, the Giants have the advantage in every aspect of this game and if we isolate just the starting pitchers in this one, we come out with a distinct advantage. Take the Giants F5 -.5

Under and Out: A’s/ Twins under 9 

What a terrible year it has been for the Twins; so far officially in last place they are behind the basement dwelling tigers. I know it’s early, but it’s time to panic in Minnesota. This team is a far cry from the RBI machine of a team just last year. Over their last eight games, they have only scored 30 runs, only averaging 3.75 RPG. This Oakland pitching staff is top notch and knows how to keep bats quiet. They were just able to keep the league’s top-offense in Boston quiet for 2/3 games. The A’s will be on a night game travel from Boston to Minnesota so if the Twins were going to steal one, this would be it. I still think the A’s pitching will be able to hold off Minnesota’s hitters and the A’s may have a good bit of fatigue after a hard fought series with Boston and the overnight travel. Take the under 9.

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