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Degens Only: Friday Plays, Mar. 12

Say it aint Covid again. We have seen consecutive teams drop out of the ACC tournament in consecutive days. First to fall was Duke affectively ending the Blue Devils season abruptly after the team had gained a ton of momentum going into a must win ACC tourney. Now Virginia has yielded a positive test and is being forced to end their run in the tournament. This means that Georgia Tech is now in the finals of the ACC tournaments, yes Georgia tech tourney bettors you still have a shot!  Virginia can still play in the big dance but they will have to show consecutive negative tests leading up to the trip to Indianapolis.

Cam Newton is staying put in New England at least for another year. The former pro bowl QB signed a one year deal to stay with the pats for 14 million. It makes you think what old Bill has up his sleeve with the signing, we all saw cam last year he could barely crack 150 yards passing in a game. Possibly with all the players hopefully returning after sitting out for a year due to Covid he thinks this team has a shot? Was it a failed attempt to get Jimmy G back? Whatever it is I think we have all learned to not question the Jedi that is Bill Belichick. Something you shouldn’t question either todays plays let’s get into them.

Riding the Razorbacks: Arkansas/Missouri over 148.5

I love when teams have played a few times in a season it takes most of the surprises out of the game. In this matchup we get the third go around for these two teams tonight. Looking at Arkansas this team can flat out score, they have put up 74+ points 13 times against the defenses ranked inside the top 120. Both times they have played Missouri this total has gone over. Missouri has had no trouble scoring against this Arkansas defense putting up 81 points in both of the two games they played earlier this season. Looking at how these two teams average out with Missouri averaging 81 and Arkansas able to put up 74+ against 13 of 17 top 120 defenses faced you get a total of 155 giving us a little bit of room for regression which is a nice insurance policy to have on the total. These two teams should go at it for 40 minutes in what should be a high scoring game take the over 148.5

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Swimming with the Sharks: Sharks Team Total over 2.5  

These are the spots I like to pick in hockey just because I think you have more of an edge, but hey if you like betting sides I like that sharks in this one a little two for one pick right here. Before you just skip to picking the side I think this one has a pretty strong trend you might like to consider placing at least some beer money on.  So looking at the ducks recent play they have been letting goals in left and right. Their past 12 consecutive games they have allowed three or more goals. In fact they have allowed three or more goals in 20 of their 27 games. Now the Sharks are 6-4 in their last 10 when it comes to scoring three or more goals. I’ll take 60% against some of the top defenses in the NHL all day and ill double down on my chances when the same team plays one of the bottom tier defenses in the league. Take the Sharks team total over 2.5

Pummeled Pelicans: Cavs/Pelicans over 228

It’s no secret that the Pelicans are probably the worst defensive team in the NBA. Their games are going over at an insane 73% clip. Tonight they take on a Cavs team that ended the first half season on a hot streak seeing their point average hang around the 110 area. This is right about where they picked up in their first game back putting up 111 against the Pacers. The Pacers defense is leaps and bounds better than this Pelicans defense so that number should be an easy achievement for tonight’s game. The Pelicans also picked up right where they left off allowing the Timberwolves to hang 135 on them in their first game back. The Pelicans are solid on the offensive end as well ranking seventh in the league in offensive rating they too should not have much trouble putting up points against Cleveland’s defense that ranks 21 in defensive ratings. Take the over 228.

 High Flying Hawkeyes: Iowa Team Total over 73.5

By this point we all know that Iowa is one of the top offenses in the country. Their defense is a little lacking which can help some teams hang around, but this should help drive up the score and help us cash this bet. Looking at how the Hawkeyes have fared in situations like this we have some room to work with. This will be the third game that these two teams play and Iowa was able to score 77 in both of the first two. Iowa was able to eclipse this points total in 17 games this season against the countries defenses ranked in the top 50, Wisconsin ranks 17. Wisconsin’s defense struggled against top 10 offenses; the team was 0-7 vs the top 10 with their smallest loss coming by four points. All seven of those games the team was able to go over this posted total. Look for the Hawkeyes to continue what they have done all season and that is put up points take the over 73.5.

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