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Degens Only: Friday Plays, June 4

Don’t get it twisted, if you bet the Lakers to win game six you got played. Davis was never healthy enough to be a factor in game six playing only five minutes and Lebron had quit on the season with five minutes left in the fourth quarter of game five. You know this type of embarrassing exit won’t sit well with the king and that next year’s Laker team could undergo some significant changes this off-season to help the supporting cast around AD and Lebron. As for today, we don’t need any changes as we dive into today’s top plays.

Hold the Gatorade: Mavs 3rd quarter ML
So, before you start looking at me all crazy, just take a second and look over the first five games, you see it yet? It’s one of two things, one the Mavs are highly capable of making some really solid halftime adjustments and the Clippers can’t handle it. The second could be the Clips are not making any adjustments and the Mavs have it down after two quarters. So, looking at every game in this series, besides game 1, and it was only by two points the third quarter, has been the lowest scoring quarter for the  Clippers in every game. Why so significant? Well having such a bad third typically puts the clips in a pretty good whole with only one quarter left to go, thus minimizing their chances of winning significantly. Expect more of the same here and take the Mavs to win the third quarter.

Extinct Orioles: Cleveland F5 ML
The Orioles have finally broken out of their 0-10 slump. Seriously, that’s about exciting as it gets for this team. They were able to string two wins together against an equally as bad team. It looks like Cleveland has high hopes for Mejia and with good reason.  He’s only gone five innings, but has only allowed one hit and one walk and has struck out seven and that was against three different teams. Akin goes for the O’s tonight another young guy that doesn’t get good run support, but he is also highly average. His runs allowed are average as well as his strikeouts and walks. Akin also doesn’t usually go past the third or fourth inning, so Cleveland may only need a couple runs here to take this one home. Take the Indians to win the F5


Reel in the fish: Marlins ML
Your probably not going to believe what I’m about to say, but statistically it’s true.  The Miami Marlins have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. Now before you lose your mind, just check it out; they have a lot of solid guys. Tonight, they are sending Poteet to the hill, a guy I’m sure you haven’t heard of. He has been solid outside a rough start vs Boston, but who hasn’t been hit by the Red Sox this season. Through four games, teams are only hitting a combined .211 off him and he has a 19/4 K/BB ratio. As for his opponent Mitch Keller, somehow, he is still on a major league roster, but that time has to be running out if he continues to be this inconsistent. Multiple four and seven run games won’t produce many wins and while the Marlins offense isn’t the greatest, they can still put up some runs if the get seven run Keller. Take the Marlins ML.

Runs Ready to Launch: Astros / Blue Jays over 8.5
We have touched on most of these highlight points for this game already, but to recap why this game goes over here we go. The Astro’s have mauled LHP all season a ,downgraded Ryu is no exception. Runs just pile up when games are played at the Blue Jays “home” stadium. One team has scored five or more runs in 20/23 games played at the Blue Jays stadium. With a total of only 8.5 those numbers have a big significance. Lastly, Greinke was touched up by these Blue Jays last time out only going four innings and giving up four runs. This one should shoot over with these two highly capable offenses. Take the over 8.5.

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