Joel Embiid & Ben Simmons

Degens Only: Friday Plays, June 11

The Brooklyn Nets are living in the Bucks heads rent free.  There, I said it in case you were not able to see that from this last game. It took the worst game you will see from the Nets in these entire playoffs and the Bucks still found a way to almost choke the lead away and lose the game. Kudos to Steve Nash who has gotten his super team to gel and play like the elite group they are. You could see the frustration from PJ Tucker on the Durant foul.  The Nets are just giving them fits at every turn, and the Bucks know it. With the series 2-1 added bonus if you can grab the Nets to win this series at a respectable price I would take it. With that added bonus let’s get into today’s top picks.

Flying High: Hawks +1
I’m not sure how Embiid is playing with a tear in his meniscus.  As dominate as he is, hats off to him for doing so, but that advantage has gone out the window. However, there is still the fact that the Sixers are a notoriously bad road team. This season they were able to barley limp over the .500 mark on the road which is an improvement from years past. The stats still stuck out though. Philly led the NBA in point differential when it came to home and road splits scoring eight points less on the road on average. With the Hawks struggling as a road team, and exceling as a home team, this series is following the same pattern so far as the Knicks series did.  Philly might not be ready for a game in the A with a stadium packed full of Hawks fans. Embiid is going to get his that has been made clear, but what is going to happen when he can’t perform on the road, this Sixers team will struggle. Embiid is carrying this offense scoring almost 10 points more than Harris the second leading scorer. Just like the team as a whole, Embiid’s PPG dropped on the road, expect it to continue here.  Hawks +1


It’s Always Sunny in Denver: Suns Team Total over 110
A good rule of thumb in sports is you don’t get in the way of a streaking team and that’s what we’re going to roll with here. The Suns have been, pardon the pun, but touching the Nuggets so far in this series. The Suns averaged 122.5 in the first two games and I’m a believer that a 12 point swing is too much for a team that is performing at this level right now. Looking deeper Phoenix averaged 113 on the road this season and Denver allowed 111 at home both coming in over the posted total for tonight. Denver is too good to not get it together at some point, but even when they do slowing the Suns down this much will be too much of a task. Take the Suns to go over 110 points.

Fenway Track Meet: Sox/Blue Jays RHE over 29
If you never have played runs, hits, and errors, I suggest giving it a once over, not just because that’s what this play is going to be, but when games are too close to call if gives you another avenue to exploit and possibly win some money. So. for those of you not familiar, let me briefly explain: It’s rather simple, you take the two teams combined runs, hits, and errors and add them all up if you picked the correct side of the total; you’re a winner (told you it was simple). So why this bet for this game? Well. I’m not a fan of either pitcher, and the Jays have always been a coin flip team for me. Treading through the numbers though this play makes a lot of sense. Four out of five games this year between these two teams has seen one of them or both get into double digit hits and that streak extends beyond this season into seven of the last 10 games they have faced off.  This total has been cleared in four straight meetings between these two one of those games included these two pitchers going tonight. Look for the balls to continue flying take RHE over 29.

Live Fish: Marlins ML
When looking at the breakdown of this game the results were a little surprising. Believe it or not the Marlins have actually won three out of four games against Atlanta this season, and the one loss was only by one run. These wins included Alcantara’s start against Atlanta and Morton’s start against Miami. I like Miami as a live dog today as they have the better starter going and they have the better bullpen and getting the better of Atlanta this season. The offense has been a concern for the fish but they have put up a minimum of five runs in each game this season against the Braves, and remember one of those games was against Morton. Roll with the Marlins with the plus money to continue their success against Atlanta  Marlins ML.

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