Jake Paul is back in boxing match
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Cashing on the YouTube Star Jake Paul to Fall, April 16

If you don’t have plans this weekend, could we interest you in a boxing match between a YouTube star and a professional fighter? Jake Paul is back again to defend some sort of title, not really sure what, but something. He’s taking on Ben Askren who is a former MMA fighter who had a 19-2 record in the octagon. This will be Askren’s first professional fight but again….this guy used to wrestle in the UFC. 

For Paul, this will be his fourth overall boxing match and the third that he is making as a pro. As a reminder, his first fight came against another Youtuber with practically no experience and then Paul fought Nate Robinson in one of the most entertaining moments of the sports year. I wouldn’t call either of those dudes overly impressive opponents so this match against Askren promises to live up to slightly more hype. 

Askren clearly thinks he has this fight in the bag. He said this just a few days ago about Paul, “Jake thinks he’s a high-level boxer. I think he’s fairly delusional,” Askren said, via USA Today. 

He has a point right? This is the first time Paul will fight someone who has spent some serious time in the ring and octagon. The advantage that Paul has is that Askren is 36-years-old so he might not have crazy stamina and be able to keep up in the ring. They are both right at 5’10 so at the very least reach should be pretty fair. 

Of course, this is a match solely based around tons of shit talk which I am all about and if Paul really does something well it is talking shit. He said this about Askren. 

“You’re going to see the difference of a wanna-be fighter, a guy who choked in the Olympics, a guy who choked in the UFC, and now a guy who is going to choke against Jake Paul. I’m going to end this guy’s career.”

While I am no boxing effort, I am surprised that Paul is the favored fighter in this thing. His odds to win are -190 while Askren sits at +145 which again, seems like really good value for a guy who has made a living out of fighting and not making YouTube videos. This original line was Paul -118 and has moved all the way to -190 with 64 percent of the handle coming in on Paul. 

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In a recent article where six MMA fighters were asked what they thought would happen, it was completely split down the middle with three going for Paul and three going for Askren. Personally, I like taking the positive odds and betting on a guy with a legit background and year and years of fighting experience. While age definitely worries me, I think Paul will be overly anxious to go for a knockout and wear himself down early. For +145, I am all over Askren to shut Paul up and make my money with the positive. 

On the Card

This fight is part of the Triller Fight Club Card. The undercard isn’t anything to get absolutely enamored with but there are some opportunities for a few good bets on that one. I like: 

  • Regis Prograis beats Ivan Redkach via knockout. Regis is 25-1 with 20 knockouts in his career and taking on a guy who is 23-5 in his career. 
  • Steve Cunninham beats Frank Mir. This is a battle between a guy with 298 rounds of boxing experience against someone with no boxing experience. That is enough to sway me. 

The Best Bet

The best bet for the whole night actually comes from the broadcaster’s table. Snoop Dog will be on the call for this one and there is a current prop bet as to whether or not he will say “For Shizzle” during the broadcast. This seems inevitable for him to do and the current odds are Yes at +300 and No at -500. I am all for risking it for a bet like this and throwing some cash on yes.

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