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Betting on Football – Tips and Strategies

When it comes to sports gambling, there is no action that matches the excitement of football. It is consistently the sport that garners the largest wagers at sportsbooks and any major casino brand will tell you how important an NFL Sunday is for their handle.

Here at Sports Gambling Guides, not only do we offer the best football betting lines and give you a look at the top NFL betting odds of the week, but we also are providing you with the best tips and strategies for betting on football.

In this article, you will learn the most important factors that go into betting on a football game, what stats are the important ones to look at and so much more to help you put cash in your pocket.

The first order of business is quickly reviewing different kinds of football bets. There is a moneyline (ML) bet where you simply pick a winner, a spread bet (winner or loser plus points), an OVER/UNDER bet which relies on the total points in the game, a Team Total bet which relies on one team’s points and of course lots of player prop bets.

The Importance of Home Field Advantage

More than any other sport in the Big 4, home field advantage is truly a thing in football and especially in the National Football League. Many players have said that winning on the road is the hardest thing to do in the game. In 2019, 21 teams had records of .500 or better when they played at home. Take the Pittsburgh Steelers for example: When playing at Heinz Field that season, they won over 62 percent of their contests. Their record against the spread at home was 5-3.

These stats are not only easy to find but it can help you find a trend in games. Chances are if the Steelers were playing at home last season, betting them to win at home against the spread would have won you money more than 62 percent of the time. That’s profit that you’ve got to jump on. The best football betting lines that can be found on Sports Gambling Guides will be impacted by stats like this.

Weather Matters

This is not baseball and games are not just postponed or rescheduled. Rain, sleet or snow, an NFL game is going to be played regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for it. This means you might need to flip on the local news or download a weather app and figure out how that could affect a game. If there is a 90% chance of rain in Chicago for the Bears game, chances are the ball is going to be slippery and the points will be down. If the winds are gusting at 40 MPH, you can make a safe bet that there won’t be many field goals attempted.

It seems ridiculous, but these conditions have massive implications on a bet, especially one that involves the OVER/UNDER. Bad weather = less points and less points = avoid the OVER.

Follow Line Movements

This is an important thing to do for any sport but a football betting line has a full week to shift. In any other sport, once the line is set, there is maybe a day in between for it to shift. In football, the line is set late Sunday night or Monday morning and has until Sunday to change.

Here’s an example: If the Philadelphia Eagles open as 4.5 point favorites at home against the New York Giants on Monday but on Tuesday it’s announced that Carson Wentz could miss that game, follow the line movement. Odds are, the best football odds and football betting lines will shift that line to make the Eagles less of a favorite or even an underdog. Don’t be on the wrong side of a football line movement.

Final Football Golden Betting Rules

  • Diversify your bets: Keep your bets loose and don’t just bet one way. Throw money on a ML, some on a spread, and try to cash the OVER/UNDER if you can.
  • Do your research: If you’re wondering why you’re out $500 at the end of the weekend and have watched 2 games all season, that’s on you.
  • Know your bankroll: Don’t bet money you don’t have and be consistent on the size of your wagers.

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