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Betting on Baseball – Tips and Strategies

Baseball, America’s Pastime, is back and so is betting on the sport. Sports gambling and baseball have a bit of a troubled history, see Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose. 

Nonetheless, the best baseball bookmakers provide plenty of great baseball odds and lines that allow you to gamble on one of the greatest sports. 

In this article, we will break down some of the best tips and strategies to employ when you decide to bet on baseball. Certain position players, game situations and even managers have massive impacts on a single game. 

Before we jump into it, there are three different kinds of regular baseball bets. Listed Pitcher, One pitcher and Action. “Listed pitchers” means that both pitchers who are scheduled must start the game for there to be action. “One pitcher” means you choose one pitcher and that starter must begin the game or the bet is no-action. “Action” means that regardless of who the pitcher is, the game will have action. 

A Sport made for the Underdog

In a usual season, baseball has 162 games and that means any team can beat another on any given night. With that being said, the underdog is a great value bet in many situations. If a team is a +150 underdog or more, it is a good idea to dig deeply into the matchup and find value for your bet. 

  • Early Season Underdog: In the beginning of a new year, oddsmakers are still trying to learn rosters and set lines for each game. You may find a matchup that is quite lopsided in favoring a team that has no business with the line it does. 
  • Avoiding the sweep ‘dog: In 2019, only 28 percent of 3-game series resulted in a sweep. After two games, bullpens are diminished, and the starting pitcher has seen plenty of the lineup to employ a great game plan. If you see a team that has lost two of three, it is not a bad bet to throw money on the underdog. 
  • The Divisional Foes: This one is simple. Not only do teams in each division hate each other but they also see quite a bit of each other. In fact, they play each other 18 teams each season. When a bad team comes into town that is always seen, the favorite may bench a few players. 

The Pitcher and the Park

When it comes to gambling on baseball, two things that you must check every single time you place a bet is who is on the mound and where that mound is located. There are hitter parks and pitcher parks and the starting pitcher on the bump is more important than anyone else when it comes to placing your wager. 

  • The Starter: Many lines begin to be determined by who is starting the game for a team. If Gerrit Cole, Jacob DeGrom or Max Scherzer have the ball to start, you can imagine their team will have a line of at least -130. It is extremely important to check the medical history of these pitchers and make sure there will not be a late game scratch. 
  • The Bullpen: Teams with strong bullpens win games. That makes sense right? So why would not you look to bet the team with the better finisher. If you are betting on game 4 of a series, look for the team with the better bullpen. Chances are that the squad will play better late in the game and be more prepared for a close-game situation. 
  • The Park: If a game is being played at Coors Field in Denver, expect the ball to fly. If it is at Oracle Park in San Francisco, deeper depths will keep the ball in. Check out a ranking of the best and worst hitter parks before betting an OVER/UNDER

Check the Travel Itinerary: 

With 162 games in a season, teams are traveling non-stop. It is the only sport where a team could be on the road for 12 days to play 12 games.

  • Who’s Tired: If a team is traveling, oftentimes they are getting on a flight with no day-off in between. If they are being hosted by a team who has been playing at home, it is a good bet to pick the home favorite. 
  • Everyone on Board: Midway through an away series, players get injured and fly home. This means rosters can be void of their star players or are being changed and new players are joining squads. Do your research to ensure you know who is taking the field. 

We hope these tips and strategies will help you win your next bet on America’s Pastime. 

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