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New York Yankees Aaron Judge, left, runs in the outfield during batting practice a day before the 2022 MLB All-Star baseball game, Monday, July 18, 2022, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Abbie Parr)


Kyle Barrette

We have officially made it to the half-way point of the season. That only means one thing. The mid-summer classic is here. This year’s game is held at Dodger Stadium, where we just watched Juan Soto make a statement for the biggest contract extension ever by winning the home run derby. The American League has had a stranglehold on this game as they have won eight straight and have only lost three games since 1996. Let’s dive into the rosters for this year’s game.

American League:
The starting lineup for the American League has a ton of power. Every spot in the starting lineup could go deep at any moment. The reserves are also solid, but they are a bit lacking behind the NL reserves. The AL pitching is not as strong as the relievers are on the team. Some of the American League starters have had a rough few games heading into the break, and having them face a lineup of the National League’s best players will probably not get them into a good groove. The relief pitchers for the American League should shut down the National League. This is one of the better relief rosters in a while in an All Star Game. 

National League:
Looking at the starting lineup for the NL, there is a good mix of everything: speed, power, and consistent hitting. The reserves, on the other hand, are where the power for the NL will come from, with the past three home run derby winners coming in off their bench to begin with. NL gets the nod in starting pitching. I think you get a good outing from Kershaw in the starting role in his own house to set the tone early. The guys following him have been nasty all season. The relievers for the NL certainly bring a lot to the plate, but there are a few more holes, so to speak, than on the AL side.

ASG pick: AL Money line
I’d love to go against the trend of the AL winning every All Star Game, but I do like the AL lineup better and I think their starters can hold their own enough to where the game will be close in the end and the NL will struggle to find anything to get going with the stacked relievers the AL is bringing in. 

Same Game Parlay:
American League ML, Aaron Judge to record a hit, Rafael Devers to record a hit, Shohei Ohtani to record a hit and National League 1st half ML. 

SGP Odds +2111

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