Matt Lively

Villanova, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina. 

The Final Four is set and it’s filled with blue blood. It’s not often that four prestigious schools make the final weekend of March Madness without an unexpected team slipping through the cracks. 

Most brackets didn’t have these four battling it out, but Rom Eugene’s did. Maybe more importantly, his $25 wager had these four teams playing in the Final Four. That risk-free bet cashed for $43,000. 

Eugene lives in New York and says he and his friends use to have to drive out of state to place bets but they have been hopping on the mobile betting sites and sending out wagers. 

“I was placing bets here and there,” he said. “This bet literally came after my birthday and I just had a feeling about these four teams.” 

He says he thanks Michael Jordan, Joel Embiid, Nova for being a top contender, and Coach K for his final season. Those were the inspirations behind placing bets on these four. 

“Everything was smooth sailing, honestly the hardest day was the first day,” he said. The Villanova day when they faced Houston. Houston was down two points and I was shaking like man, I hope this hits. After that, it was smooth sailing from there.” 

Because the bet was placed with a promotion, FanDuel didn’t give Eugene the option of cashing out early, so he had to ride this one out. 

He says that St. Peter’s made him extremely nervous especially with the public backing the Peacocks. It also happened to be the last game on the slate. 

“I was so nervous,” he said. “I ended up hedging it, like $5K, I didn’t have to do it. I should’ve just waited until halftime.” 

He is still walking away with $38,000 before taxes. He says he is going to invest the money to take care of his family and friends. 

Next up, he’s got Duke and Kansas facing off in the National Championship with the Blue Devils winning the whole thing.

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