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Shohei Ohtani

Hangover Monday: Ankle Braces, July 12th

I was extremely confident when I picked Dustin Poirier over Conor McGregor in their third fight. Did I think that McGregor was going to snap his ankle and go all Paul George/Gordon Hayward on us? I did not. But that’s what went down and it was crazy.  That was the…

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Joey Chestnut

Hangover Monday: Joey GOAT Chestnut, July 5

My head is pounding and I’m not sure if it’s from the fireworks that went off until five in the morning here or if it’s from the bottle of whiskey I drank while watching my MLB bets not hit on Sunday. Either way, it is Monday, the hangover is real,…

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Devin Booker and Paul George

Hangover: Suns in 5?, June 28th

The Phoenix Suns are a game away from playing in the NBA Finals and there was a golf tournament that had eight playoff holes. It was a crazy fucking weekend in sports. I personally am trying to figure out how I can get the most amount of ramen for the…

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Ben Simmons Philadelphia 76ers

Hangover: All Praise Rahm, June 21

I type this to you after arriving home from the bank where I just cashed my massive Jon Rahm winnings into a bank account that needed some juice and a re-fuel. Holy shit, what a weekend it was. Jon Rahm saved the goddamn day and made us all rich in…

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Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders

Monday Hangover: Suns in 4, June 14

Suns in 4. That is what encapsulated this weekend for me and I can’t stop thinking about anything else. The Phoenix Suns are actually headed to the NBA Conference Finals and it doesn’t really seem real to me. Who would have thought that in one calendar year, the Tampa Bay…

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Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons

Hangover: Floyd and Logan Wasted My Time, June 7th

Well that was an interesting weekend, huh? There were more bizarre things that went down on Saturday and Sunday than I can count but all I really can say for certain is that the 30 minutes of my life that I watched Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight can never…

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Kristaps Porzingis

Hangover: Weekend of the Long Shot, June 1

Head is pounding, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and the bets are still flowing. Remember as you’re sucking down a cold one and watching some basketball today that you should be paying some tribute to the women and men who can’t be here to do the same on this day.  It…

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